Organic Flashy Troutback Romaine Lettuce

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28 days for baby leaf harvest 50 days to full head harvest Lactuca sativa

HEIRLOOM This marvelously speckled romaine has roots deep in 18th Century Germany, her name ‘Forellenschluss’ translating to ‘Speckled Like a Trout’ so aptly. We love her bright flavor, brilliant crunch and notable bolt resistance as both cut-and-come-again baby greens as well as full, open heads of glorious romaine lettuce with a blanched, sweet center. In addition to her bolt-resistance, Organic Flashy Troutback Romaine Lettuce is also remarkably cold-hardy, so we sow her every 3 weeks from snowmelt to early September to surround ourselves with abundance all season long. Under hoops and floating row cover, we’re easily enjoying Flashy Troutback well into December when sown in September.

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4 reviews for Organic Flashy Troutback Romaine Lettuce

  1. Stephanie

    Flashy troutback romaine came up from last year (I’m in Rochester NY) and looks even better than last year! Huge leaves and keeps on producing. I have just 4 plants and it produces profusely, and hasn’t bolted either.

  2. Gwynne

    Flashy troutback thrived in different pots around the patio & worked double duty as an ornamental to hide the stems of leggy petunias.

  3. Abby (verified owner)

    First seed I ever sewed! Very rewarding to have sprouts, baby leaf harvest, and full heads. Beautiful leaves, great crunch! Planting again this year in my front because it’s so attractive. This is a great one to start with.

  4. Julia (verified owner)

    Delicious, stunner of a lettuce that does well in warm weather as well as cool. It is beautiful grown in heads, but also great to sow thickly for baby leaf lettuce. This and grosse blonde are two of my garden staples.

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Organic Flashy Troutback Romaine Lettuce

Planting Method: Direct Sow or Transplant

To Direct Sow: Early spring & early fall, sow 1 seed per inch. Enjoy thinnings and leave 12″ between plants. Ample water grows sweetest lettuce. Sow every 3 weeks for consistent harvest to early fall.

For Transplanting: Early spring & late summer indoors, sow 2 seeds per soil block or cell thinned to 1. Harden off before transplanting out around last frost.


Seed Depth: 1/8 inch    Days to Germination: 3 at 75°F (24°C); 8 at 60°F(15°C)

Sun Needs: Full/Part

Spacing (after thinning/transplanting): 12 inches for full size plants; rows 12 inches apart.

Days to Harvest:  28 days baby; 50 full size

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