Large Soil Blocker

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Large soil blocks are optimal for many varieties, especially larger, quick-growing seeds. We sow everything from broccoli to lettuce, basil to zinnias in our large soil blocks! If you’re going to get just one soil blocker, this is the one.

And Friends, soil blocks make seed starting easier and grow such healthier transplants. We have made soil blocks for nearly 20 years as professional growers and don’t worry, it is straightforward for the novice gardener, as well. Every seed you sow will be grateful for growing in a soil block rather than a cell or pot and here’s why: soil blocks have more soil (and thus nutrients) per volume, so each plant is bigger and healthier in impressively little time. Being constricted by plastic sides causes plants to become root-bound, but plants in soil blocks are surrounded instead by air, so the roots naturally “prune’ themselves and never become root-bound, dramatically reducing transplant shock. Not to mention, soil blocks are so fun to use and you’re reducing single-use plastics, too!

Small, slow to germinate & heat-loving seeds are best sown in mini-blocks on a tray on a heat mat, often germinating in a fraction of the time. The mini-inserts tucked in our large soil blocker allow the mini-blocks to seamlessly pot up into the large soil blocks = brilliant!

Hop on over to our Soil Blocks in 5 Easy Steps blog for step-by-step written and video tutorials and if you’d like to use the same potting mix we use at Fruition, ideal for soil blocks – head this way!

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