Fruition’s Garden Store!

~ Open Saturdays & Sundays in April and May, 10am – 2pm ~

We’re open each weekend in April and May between 10 & 2 sharing organic seeds, transplants, scoop-your-own compost, heat mats, soil blockers and everything you need to fill your garden with abundance…

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…all the while surrounded by Kim Torpey’s glorious murals!

2024 Transplant List

Visit us during Garden Store hours for an abundant selection of healthy, beautiful transplants!

~ In-person sales only; no holds or pre-orders can be made & thanks for your understanding ~

Transplant Availability**

Starting April 13th: Strawberries, Comfrey, Horseradish, French Sorrel
Starting April 27th (Tree Weekend): Most vegetables, herbs plus a few flowers (including Dahlia transplants)!
Starting May 4th: All Transplants (until sold out)


ONIONS (4" pot, ~12 plants/pot): NY Early, Rossa di Milano
BROCCOLI (6-pk): Piracicaba
BRUSSEL SPROUTS (6-pk): Sativa
CABBAGE (6-pk): Mermaid's Aurora, Mermaid's Tale, Kalibos
COLLARD (6-pk): Hen Peck
EGGPLANT (4" pot): Ping Tung, Black Beauty, Rossa di Napoli
GROUND CHERRY (4" pot): Cossack's Pineapple
KALE (6-pk): Bear Necessities, Vates, Lacinato
PEPPER (4" pot): Habanada, Aha Hot, Chinese 5 Color, Crimson Carillon, Collage, Purple Beauty, Hungarian Hot Wax, Violet Sparkle, Jalapeno, Ancho Poblano, Mountaineer
SCALLION (6-pk): Parade
TOMATILLO (4" pot): Toma Verde
TOMATO - Cherry (4" pot): Black Cherry, Cherry Ember, Chiapas, Coyote, Gardeners Sweetheart, Honey Drop, Yellow Submarine, White Zinger
TOMATO - Slicer (4" pot): Black Beauty, Fred's Tie-Dye, Gold Medal, Italian Heirloom, Lemon Ice, Paul Robeson, Rose de Berne, Seiger
TOMATO - Paste/Saladette (4" pot): Piennolo del Vesuvio, Ten Fingers of Naples, Summer Sweetheart


BASIL (6-pk): Thai, Tulsi, Genovese, Gaeta
CHAMOMILE (6-pk): Medicinal Chamomile Mix v.1
CHIVES (4" pot)
LEMON BALM (4" pot)
OREGANO (4" pot)
PARSLEY (6-pk): Flat, Curly
ROSEMARY (4" pot)
SAGE (4" pot)
(4" pot)


CALENDULA (6-pk): Remembrance Mix
CLEOME (6-pk)
COSMOS (6-pk): Diablo, Double Take
DAHLIA (transplants!): Fruition Original varieties
LAVENDER (4" pot)
MARIGOLD (6-pk): Pinwheel, Queen Sophia
RUDBECKIA (6-pk): Cherry Brandy, Chim Chiminee, Prairie Sun
ZINNIA (6-pk): Candy Cane, Giant White, Benary's Wine, Persian Carpet, Giant Purple, Queen Lime, Zinderella Peach, Cactus, Salmon Rose


STRAWBERRY (3-pk): Honeoye, Sparkle, Albion (day neutral)
RHUBARB (4" pot)

** We love sharing our (early) abundance with you and a word to the wise:

We share some of our gorgeous organic tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings several weeks before they can be safely transplanted in our gardens. If you have a grow light at home (south-facing windows rarely suffice…) and have ample time to attend to their consistent watering, feeding and potential potting up, please do bring home our transplants in early May. If you don't have a grow light, please consider waiting until the second or third week of May to bring them home, so they'll be happy and healthy when you tuck them in the ground.

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2024 Fruit & Nut Tree Weekends

~ April 27th & 28th, 10am – 2pm ~

Join us April 27th and 28th, 2024 to pick up your pre-ordered trees as well as peruse & purchase bare-root fruit and nut trees in person (first-come, first-served) alongside our hundreds of seeds, soil blockers, gorgeous transplants and scoop-your-own compost at Fruition’s Garden Store!

You’ll find deliciously disease-resistant varieties for pre-order and pickup at Tree Weekend! You’ll find the list offered (apples and pears, pawpaws, northern hardy cherries, peaches, plums, chestnuts, mulberries and grapes) for pre-order here along with more Tree Weekend events (like hands-on tree workshops!) & info.

And great news: The full diversity of our regionally adapted fruit and nut trees will be available for pre-order this fall so you can come to the farm with confidence you’ll return home with the apricot (and so much more!) you came for.

Notes on organic vs non-organic offerings: The gorgeous fruit and nut trees we share come from dear Amish friends here in western New York who are third generation tree growers focusing on regional adaptation, deliciousness and sustainability. Though only a portion of the trees they grow are certified organic, all of their farm is managed with organic practices such as composting, cover cropping and rotation. They do not use herbicides and are fastidious in their attentiveness to pest insects and diseases honoring Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches that foster health in trees, humans and the ecosystems we share for generations to come.

Transporting your trees: Sedans and compact cars may be too small to fit some of the 2-year-old fruit trees, so bring a larger vehicle if you’re able.

We love to share what we love & look so forward to sharing our abundance with you ~

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Daffodil U-Pick & Murals!

Can you imagine the flowery ocean of yellow and cream? We planted over 3000 daffodil bulbs, dozens of glorious varieties, and now grow a free ocean of u-pick blooms to share with you and with us all for generations to come. Bring a vase!

While you swoon, don’t forget to drink in the artistic beauty of seven (!) murals spanning hundreds of feet across our barns. Enjoy!

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And on your way, don’t forget…

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Other Fruition Events

Take a peek at Fruition events here in the meantime and see you soon, Friends!

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