We love people, we love plants and we love how gardens gather us together in such hopeful, generous and generative ways! See you soon and don’t be shy:

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July 24 | 5-7:30 pm | on the farm
We Are The Seeds:
Grieving, Growing & Welcoming a New Fruition Together

Join us for music, meaning and magic surrounded by acres of our teachers, the ripening seeds, honoring Fruition’s past & welcoming our abundant future together!

We’re honored to welcome the meditative serenade of Annie Sumi and Travis Knapp alongside the luminous musical mantra weaving of Tracey Robertson, beloved friends encouraging us to embody the wisdom of navigating transformation together, so come ready to be immersed in reflections and rituals remembering and reimagining our world more beautiful and possible together.

Bring a chair to sit in as well as a pen to write and a bag to bring home abundance, gifts from us and the earth.

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Organic Brandywise Tomato

Saturday August 17 | 11 to 1 pm
Alchemize: How to Save Tomato Seed & Create New Varieties

If you’d love to save tomato seeds, we love you and join us! We’ll also share how to cross tomato flowers to create new expressions of fruit as we take you behind the scenes as we cross the next generation of our beloved Brandywise tomato. For details of the hand-pollination process and musings on the the big ‘why’ of it all as well as a bit of the how, hop over here and stay for Nourish in the afternoon! Bring your own jar, water to sip (we’ve plenty of mint!) and a picnic lunch if you’re staying for the afternoon festivities:

Gift (Free) Event!

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Saturday August 17 | 2 – 4 pm
Nourish: Tomato Tasting, Seed Saving & Harvest Sharing

Let’s taste all kinds of tomatoes and save tomato seeds, Friends! Together we’ll harvest and then squeeze seeds from each fruit so everyone returns home with an abundance of organic tomatoes ready for salsa, sauce and many seasons to come. Bring an empty container (5 gallon buckets welcome) and bring your friends!

Gift (Free) Event!

Organic August Ambrosia Watermelon

Saturday August 24 | 2 – 4 pm
O Summer: All You Can Eat Melon, U-Pick Dahlias & Local Garlic Share!

Each year we grow hundreds of melon to save and share the seeds in seasons to come, so come join us feasting on the luscious fruit of many varieties of honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon! Our gorgeous garlic will be available for purchase as well as hundreds of u-pick dahlias in our Community Orchard for you to bring home, as well.

Gift (Free) Event!

mermaids tale cabbage

September TBD at Stick & Stone Farm in Trumansburg
Transform: Make Your Own Sauerkraut!

Come make your own kraut with us! The fabulous Full Plate Collective will share all manner of kraut-able vegetables, including our beautiful and beloved Mermaid’s Tale cabbage. Bring your own jar and a sense of adventure!

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Organic Jack Straw Pumpkin

Oct TBD at Stick & Stone Farm in Trumansburg
Pumpkin Carving & Seed Saving Celebration

For 12 years we’ve collaborated with Full Plate Collective to grow countless regionally adapted seeds and this season they’re growing hundreds of Jack Straw Pumpkins as both a seed crop and an autumn offering for their CSA members! Join us to pick out your Jack O’Lantern and together we’ll scoop the seeds for Fruition to share, sending you home with a pumpkin for your porch! Stay tuned for more details.

Gift (Free) Event!

Organic Ginger

Saturday October 26 | 2 – 4 pm
Embody Your Medicine: Ginger U-Dig, Fire Cider Making & Pawpaw Tasting

Come dig your own fragrant baby ginger, Friends! We’ll also dig horseradish and make our own Fire Cider together from ingredients on the farm and our wide community. And come for the pawpaws! We’ll have dozens upon dozens to share and together we’ll save the seeds to sow for future generations of pawpaws to surround us all with abundance. Bring a bag for your ginger, a jar for your Fire Cider and if you have any extra ingredients for Fire Cider (especially onions & hot peppers) bring them to share, as well.

Gift (Free) Event!

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Saturday December 7 | 2 – 4 pm
Wassail! Celebrating Cider, Song & Tree Sharing

Join us sipping sweet cider & singing as we celebrate our thriving Community Orchard, as much yours as ours and here for future generations! At 2 our Wassail Celebration begins and at 3 we’ll dig our nursery apple trees, sending them home with everyone ready to plant more trees for the world to come.

Gift (Free) Event!

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Organic Chocolate Runner Pole Bean

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Bioregional Herbalism Series

Up Next: Something delightful, stay tuned!

Together, let’s dive into hour-long webinars sharing the history & health benefits of herbal traditions in the Northeast US as well as how to grow, make medicine & save seed of each herb. You only need to register once to access it all both live & recorded, don’t be shy!

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