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It’s true, there are as many approaches to starting seeds as there are gardeners and yet

Soil Blockers

are by far our favorite, so much fun and easy to use, growing the healthiest transplants we’ve ever seen. We love that they replace disposable plastic cell trays and grow much more resilient seedlings compared to egg cartons & jiffy pots.

Large soil blocks are the most versatile: We grow everything from arugula to zinnias in large blocks, including squash and cucumbers who otherwise prefer to be direct sown. Mini-blocks are ideal for starting heat-loving tomatoes, peppers and eggplant as well as slow-to-germinate seeds like thyme, rudbeckia and so many other flowers and herbs.

You’ll find insight of all kinds in Fruition’s

Soil Blocking in 5 Easy Steps

blog and a whole chapter in our book Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease!

We have both mini and large soil blockers as well as our soil blocker kit, hip hip HOORAY!

And Friends, you’ll find step-by-step soil blocking video tutorials & so much more in our free online Starting Seeds with Ease Course.

And friends, though large soil blockers are nearly indestructible (hooray!) and mini soil blockers are not (sigh):

How to Not Break Mini-Blockers

you’ll still enjoy your mini-blocker for years with these tips!

Also, if you’re wanting to start your seeds with tools & confidence this season, our Ultimate Seedling Success Kit comes with our full-spectrum LED grow light, a heat mat, our DIY potting mix minerals plus our large and mini soil blockers and their integration inserts. It also includes trays as well as a copy of our 40-page book, Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease! Hop on over to learn more.

800 x 400 block cabbage

“Soil blockers! Much less waste! No need to buy cell trays or peat pots. I love the large and would LOVE to get the mini blocker as well! My seeds have sprouted soooo well this year. Very little learning curve when using this too, one oops and I figured it out! I’ve told everyone who gardens to get the soil blocker. It really is that good!”

~ Caitlin in Michigan

Sending love from our gardens to yours!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

image 7

& the whole Fruition crew

As we grieve the pain of the world and dream of spring, we are so grateful for this poem:

800 x 400 soil block transplant

Just Seeds

Inside the garden 

I remember patience
And in the forest,

courage and care.
Just as the seeds,

resting in Winter,

the hopeless 

that hope is there.


800 x 400 packet 1

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