Our Seeds

When people ask if we have children, we say, ‘yes, and great-great-great grandchildren! And they grow us more than we grow them!’ 

Most sincerely, these seeds are our family.

Well-adapted to thrive in our short seasons, our organic seeds have remarkably early maturity and many share extraordinary cold hardiness as well as disease resistance. They also thrive well outside our bioregion, learn more here!

And are they delicious? Why else would we even share them!

And Friends, all our seeds are open-pollinated varieties for you to save and share. (You can also save seeds from our F1 tomato, Summer Sweetheart, however, they may not turn out true to type.) We celebrate and share both historical heirlooms as well as develop our own varieties with our community, as heirlooms of future generations.

We grow about sixty percent of our seed on our farm in Naple, NY, sourcing the balance from organic growers, mostly in the Northeast, who share our vision for regional adaptation. We’re building a map to celebrate them all, stay tuned!

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Why Organic Seeds?

If you want to grow more with less, sow organic seeds. Just as your health is linked to the health of your parents, organic seeds are harvested from organic plants. Organic seeds, compared to conventional seeds, are more likely to:

~ Grow more extensive root systems (rather than waiting to be fed chemically soluble nutrients like MiracleGro)

~ Compete with weeds (rather than be sprayed by Round-Up)

~ Have robust immune systems (yes, plants have immune systems!) to fight disease & pest insect damage (rather than be sprayed with conventional chemicals for such things)

~ Also, because they are not food crops, conventional seed crops are sprayed much more (and often with much harsher chemicals than crops directly consumed by people.


Why Regionally Adapted?

The oaks that grow in New York are very different from the oaks growing in California.

Seeds adapt to the environments they grow in.

Most seeds are adapted to thrive in California, where much of our nation’s produce is grown. (Industrial food systems serve industry/business as usual, rather than regional markets.) Fruition’s focus is on flavor as well as:

  • Disease resistance (check out Summer Sweetheart, Coyote & Chiapas our tomatoes that are resistant to Late Blight, Early Blight & Septoria Leaf Spot)
  • Mold/Mildew resistance (check out Spacemaster 80, our cucumber that resists Powdery Mildew)

If you prefer lettuce from your garden, to lettuce shipped in from 2,000 miles away, we’re excited for you to experience regionally adapted seed in your garden! ​

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Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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& the whole Fruition Crew


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