Retailer Program

We love sharing our organic, regionally adapted seeds with passionate growers in short seasons! We’d love to learn more about you and here’s a little more about us…

Fruition Seeds’ Retail Program:

  • our packets have gorgeous photographs with individual UPC codes & excellent growing instructions
  • our seeds are 100% organic, non-GMO and well-adapted for our short seasons, 60% grown on our farm
  • you have 140+ varieties to choose from!
  • choose between outright or guaranteed sales

Fruition Seeds’ Retail FAQs:

Can I buy your seeds on consignment? You can purchase our seeds either outright or ‘guaranteed,’ allowing you to return any unsold seed at season’s end for 40% credit toward your next season’s purchase. 

Can you curate a collection for me? Of course! We have our Bestseller as well as Heirloom Collections and we love to make Custom Collections, too.

Do you have a minimum order? Our minimum order is 240 packets for you to purchase outright. Our racks are designed to hold 60 varieties.

When do you ship? Your seeds will ship within one business day of receiving your order. Alternatively, request your delivery date and your seeds will arrive when you need them.

What rack do you offer? You have two racks to choose from! Our white racks are tall and narrow, just 20″ x 20″ and 5′ high. Our metal racks are 6″ x 2′ and 5′ high.

Do I have to use your rack? If you already have an ideal rack for our seed packets, by all means use it! We share our header boards separately just so you can brand your old rack.

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If you are ready to dive deeper, please fill out our Retailer form to receive more info and set up a time to meet and…

We’re honored you’re considering sharing Fruition’s organic seed with your community!

Reach out anytime, [email protected], and know we look so forward to growing with you.

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