Retail Program

We love sharing our organic, regionally adapted seeds with passionate growers in short seasons! Many retailers across the United States currently share our seeds and we look forward to welcoming you among them. Our Retail Lead, Maddie, would love to hear from you any time. You can reach them at or 585-374-8903 (ext. 2).

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Why we love our seeds

  • 100% organic and non-GMO
  • Selected for deliciousness and delight for home gardeners
  • Adapted to thrive in short seasons — giving a quicker time to harvest in regions with longer seasons too
  • Home-bred “Fruition Originals” are unique, beloved varieties we’ve developed over many years right here on our farm in the Finger Lakes, NY
  • 60% grown on our farm; the rest grown by collaborator-farmers we adore
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How we serve our retailers

  • Beautiful and practical displays. Packets include gorgeous photos, individual UPCs, & quality growing instructions
  • Seeds arrive in display-ready order: vegetables; then herbs; then flowers – alphabetical within category by crop, then by variety
  • Ease and choice: the simplicity of Fruition’s curated “Seed Sets” meets custom list of 200+ varieties
  • Tiered pricing: wide profit margins, low order minimums
  • Dedicated staff: our Retail Lead is here for you!
  • Packets are printed without prices, so you can set your own. (We sell each for $4.45 on our website.)

Hear founder Petra Page-Mann’s story of how Fruition Seeds came to be, and the wondrous range of seeds we share.

Learn About Our Program! 

Seed Selections

Choose from among our curated seed sets if you want to keep things simple. Whether or not you start with a set, you can customize your order with over 200 wholesale-eligible varieties.

Curated Seed Sets 

  • Sets of 120, 60, or 8 varieties fit perfectly in racks we offer
  • Choose from themes that suit your community
Seed Sets# of VarietiesPkts / varietyTotal Packets
120 “The Works” (60B+60E)1205; 10; 15600, 1200, 1800
60 Bestseller (60B)
60 Extraordinary (60E)


5; 10; 15; 20

300; 600; 900; 1200
8 Container (8C)
8 Flowers (8F)
8 Pizzazz (8P)



Click links to view list of varieties included in the set.

120 “The Works” (60B + 60E)

If you’re looking to cover all the bases, combine our 60 Bestsellers plus our 60 Extraordinary Veggies, Herbs, and Flowers for a thoroughly fantastic assortment of 120 varieties. With depth and flair, “The Works” provides your community with abundant possibilities to sow the gardens of their dreams. View varieties.

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60 Bestsellers Veg-Herb-Flowers (60B)

Great for garden centers, grocery co-ops, and anyone seeking well-rounded crowd-pleasing varieties from Arugula to Zinnia! You’ll find heirlooms in the mix, container-friendly varieties, some great for succession sowing, and – as with all Fruition Seeds – all deliciously thriving in short seasons.  View varieties.

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60 Extraordinary (60E)

The Extraordinary Set features exquisite diversity beloved by gardeners who want to sow beyond the basics – whether unique varieties of bestselling crops, like lettuces that grow in our region’s moments of intense heat or intense cold, or crops not found in our Bestseller set (Tomatillos! Brussels Sprouts! Yarrow! Sesame!). Go above and beyond in the seeds you share. View varieties.

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8 Container Veggies + Herbs (8C)

Featuring a selection of easy-to-eat favorites, this set includes herbs that thrive even in a window box, as well as varieties adapted for pots, like dwarf tomatoes and bush pickles. Our Container set is especially beloved by retailers in urban communities like eco-friendly food stores, gift shops, or plant shops. View varieties.


8 Bouquet / Pollinator Flowers (8F)

Designed based on conversations with florists and nature centers, for anyone thinking of harvesting blooms, this set brings together a little of so much. Whether someone is seeking fresh or dry bouquets, edible blossoms, native species, or those especially beloved by the bees and other pollinators, you’ll find flowers to suit their fancy here. View varieties.


8 Pizzazz Veggies (Bred in NY!) (8P)

Our Pizzazz set is dedicated to retailers taking pride in unique offerings – like local souvenir shops, culinary centers lifting up regional food systems, science-focused folks excited to start conversations about plant breeding, and more. Includes varieties with names reflective of the region where they’ve been bred, like “Finger Lakes Long v.1 Tomato.” View varieties.

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Custom Order

  • Mix-and-match from 200+ Varieties
  • No minimum number of varieties (except micro-retailers must order 8 varieties, 15 packets each)
  • 300 packet minimum on initial order required, must be ordered in increments of 5 packets per variety
  • Can be combined with Curated Seed Sets: top-up on favorites, or add more varieties to personalize your assortment

…or use our quick-list with one-line descriptions.

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Your initial order’s packet volume will determine your price tier for the sales year. All orders are outright purchases and do not include the option to return seeds at the end of the year. Retailers can purchase non-wholesale-eligible varieties for 10% off ($4.00 per packet).

Price TierNumber of packetsPrice per packet
Top tier1200+$1.85
Mid tier600-1195$2.05
Micro-Retailer120 (8 varieties, 15 packets each)$2.50
Off-List Seed VarietiesN/A$4.00 (10% discount)

Display Options

We offer our retailers an assortment of seed racks and accessories to display seeds in your stores. If you have your own display tools you prefer to use, you’re free to do so and we love you just the same! 

Freestanding Floor Rack

  • Displays 60 varieties
  • Put two side-by-side or back-to-back for 120 varieties)
  • Light and easy to move
  • 30″ wide x 72″ high x 11″ deep 
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Countertop/Shelf Rack

  • Each rack holds 8 retail varieties 
  • Great for near-checkout displays & gift shops
  • Each cardboard rack is 15″ wide x 8″ high x 7″ deep, including a header board.

Fruition Seeds Header Boards

Header boards (22″ x 7″) are included on all floor racks, or can be purchased on their own.

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Planting Calendars

These postcard-size encyclopedias are a treasure trove of timing tips designed for gardeners in zones 4-6. We currently include planting calendars as a gift with all retailer orders.

planting calendar with seeds

Time to Re-Order Cards

Cards fit behind packets on display, with links and QR code to connect you with our re-order form. Cards contain blank lines for you to write your varieties.

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Planting Calendar Displays

Add a complementary acrylic stand to your order to share our planting calendars with your community with clarity, ease, and style.

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Ordering and Receiving Your Seeds! 

Here are some things to note when submitting your order:

  • Ship Date: Whether pre-ordering or shipping ASAP, request your shipping date so your seeds arrive when you need them. Our earliest shipping date for seeds packed for 2024 is Nov. 1st, 2023.
  • Processing time: 2-3 business days for standard processing (business day ends at 5 pm Eastern). Rush processing, guaranteed to ship within one business day, is available for a $50 surcharge.
  • Shipping and Handling: Initial orders of the season have a $35 shipping and handling fee. If you’re local and would love to pick up from us, our handling fee is $15.
  • Invoicing: We will send you an email invoice via Square within 1 week of your order shipping, due 30 days after your ship date. 


Re-orders can be placed at any time, using our Retailer Order Form. The price tier you qualified for during your initial order will be applied automatically to your re-order packets.

There is no minimum packet quantity for re-orders. Shipping on all re-orders is $12.95.

Please note, payment from previous orders must be received before placing re-orders. 

Connect with us!

We’re honored you’re considering sharing Fruition’s organic seed with your community! Feel free to share any materials from our Growing Library alongside our seeds, to help deepen the joy your community can cultivate with our seeds.

 Reach out anytime:

585-374-8903 (ext. 2)

…and know we look so forward to growing with you!

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