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Retail Program

We love sharing our organic, regionally adapted seeds with passionate growers in short seasons! Many retailers currently share our seeds and we look forward to welcoming you among them. 

Fruition Seeds’ Retail Offerings:

  • Our packets have gorgeous photographs with individual UPC codes & excellent growing instructions
  • Our seeds are 100% organic, non-GMO and well-adapted for our short seasons, 60% grown on our farm
  • You have 200+ varieties to choose from!
  • Tiered pricing offers wide profit margins with options for approachable commitments
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Learn About Our Program!

We process all of our retail orders through our online Retail Shop. Once you sign up, you can log-in and place your order online. Request your delivery date and your seeds will arrive when you need them. 

Here’s what your ordering process will involve…

Step One: Sign-up or Log-in

Step Two: Design Your Offering

We have no minimum number of varieties for retail orders. For retail customers who choose to purchase one of our racks and/or header board to display seeds, you can now choose between freestanding floor racks (each holds 60 varieties) or countertop racks (each holds 8 varieties).

If you prefer to use your own tools for display, we love you just the same!

To receive a display rack or a header board with your order, simply add to your cart at checkout. 

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Freestanding Floor Racks

  • They each hold a total of 60 varieties. 
  • They’re light and easy to move =).
  • Each cardboard rack is 30″ wide x 72″ high x 11″ deep. 
  • Each rack includes a Fruition Seeds header board (22″x7″). The header board can also be purchased on its own.
  • To display 120 varieties, two racks can easily be set up side-by-side or back-to-back.
8rack Herbs w Sign

Countertop/Shelf Racks

  • Each rack holds any 8 retail varieties of your choosing.
  • Great for near-the-register displays and gift shops
  • Each cardboard rack is 15″ wide x 8″ high x 7″ deep. 
  • Custom signage can be added for $7 for themed displays (e.g. Bred in NY varieties or Culinary Herbs) — ask for more details!

Step Three: Determine Your Price Tier

There is a 300 packet minimum for your initial order of the season and all orders have a minimum of 5 packets per variety ordered.

The total number of packets purchased in your initial order will determine your wholesale price tier. This price will be honored at your initial order as well as for re-orders.  In your initial order, you will see our base tier price of $2.15 per packet after the 300 packet minimum is met. Mid tier and top tier discounts will be applied automatically at checkout when packet quantity thresholds are met. 

You are free to set whatever retail price you choose since no price is printed on our packets. (As a reference point, on our website we list all packets for $3.95 each.)

All orders are outright purchases and do not include the option to return seeds at the end of the year. And please remember, friends! Seeds are sensitive beings and once packed may only be sold during the growing season for which they were packed. We encourage you to donate any seeds not sold at the end of each year to a local community garden or initiative that nourishes your community. If you need ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Wholesale Price Tier# of packetsPrice per packet
Base tier300-595$2.15
Mid tier600-1195$1.90
Top tier1200+$1.70

Step Four: Shop 

Add seeds to your cart in our online Retail Shop. Each variety will be available in increments of 5 packets.

  • Fruition’s Curated Lists: Don’t know where to start? In the Retail Shop you will find the option to filter by Curated Lists that you can add to your cart with just a few clicks.
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Helpful Tip: You’ll be able to easily see how many varieties you’ve selected as you go by clicking on the mini-cart icon on the right side of your screen in our Retail Shop!

Step Five: Checkout and Receive Your Seeds!

When you’re done selecting your seeds, head to check out.

Here are a few things to remember when checking out! 

  • Seed Rack: Add a seed rack or racks and / or a header board, if you need.
  • Shipping: Shipping for first retail orders of the season is $35. (Re-order shipping $12.95.)
  • Ship Date: Request your shipping date and your seeds will arrive when you need them. Our earliest ship date for the season is November 1.
  • Invoicing: We’ll send you an invoice via Square within 1 week of receiving your order, due 30 days after your specified desired ship date. 


Re-orders can be placed at any time throughout the season through our Retail Shop.

The price tier you qualified for during your initial order will be available automatically during re-orders. 

There is no minimum packet quantity for re-orders

Please note, payment from previous orders must be received before placing re-orders. 

Connect with us!

We’re honored you’re considering sharing Fruition’s organic seed with your community!

Feel free to share any Growing Library materials alongside our seeds, to help deepen the joy your community can cultivate with our seeds.

Reach out any time:

585-374-8903, ext. 2

and know we look so forward to growing with you!