Satisfaction Guarantee

Friends, surrounding you with beauty and abundance is why we do what we do! 

We are committed to sharing extraordinary seeds and trees as well as the skills and inspiration to grow gorgeous gardens and orchards together! If you are experiencing disappointing germination or are otherwise dissatisfied, we will joyfully provide you with a replacement or refund as well as guidance and resources to be more successful in the future. Due to credit card payment processor limitations, refunds can only be shared for orders placed within 180 days. For orders older than 180 days that require a refund, a store credit will be issued.

Please reach out to Fruition’s amazing Community Care Coordinators at

When you reach out, please share:

  • The name and email address connected to your account
  • The product that you are experiencing difficulty with
  • Some of the details surrounding your difficulty; for example, if you’re having difficulty with seeds germinating, describe your seed starting setup and strategy (if you’re sowing indoors, do you have a light? A heat mat? How do you water? At what times?) Anything else you feel relevant will be so helpful so we can all grow more together!
  • Share any & all photos! They’re a thousand words, it’s true.

Your abundance is our greatest joy and we’re all in this together, Friends. Thanks for growing with us.

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

Hand drawn heart and signature that reads petra and matthew

& the whole Fruition Crew