Organic Collage | Between the Lines Sweet Pepper

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60-65 days "green" fruit 80-85 days orange ripe Capsicum annuum

A kaleidoscope of green, orange, plum and crimson, Collage (fondly called Between the Lines) peppers are a crunchy sweet snack, abundant underneath gorgeous foliage variegated with swirls of violet and cream. Dozens of two-bite-size fruit line their beautiful branches, ripening from lemon-lime stripes through a rainbow of purple and orange. Between the Lines is bright clementine as a fully ripe pepper, crunchy and delightfully flavorful at every stage.

Tunde Wey reminds us, ‘the last thing, at the end of the day, that food should be talking about is itself.’

Together, Friends, let’s read & eat Between the Lines. Of course, they’re sweet and crunchy, early and abundant, incredibly gorgeous both in foliage, flower and fruit…

…and so ready to tell us so much more, if only we might listen.

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4 reviews for Organic Collage | Between the Lines Sweet Pepper

  1. Jenny (verified owner)

    Jury is out on production for these, I’m not having the best luck. But the plant itself is simply stunning. I will keep growing it just so I can look at it. Flowers are purple. The foliage is a mix of deep green, deep purple, lavender and white. I will keep growing it even if I just get 1 pepper because it is so pretty. Plant it where you spend most of your time in the garden so you can really take in the beauty.

    • Maddie

      “We are grateful for you sharing your reflections with us and the Fruition community, and truly sorry to hear that you haven’t found an abundant harvest in this experience. Apologies that we are just now getting you a reply — we are responding to a backlog in product reviews, and iterating our teamwork to ensure we are consistently and quickly responding with care to reviews, now and in seasons to come. We appreciate your patience alongside your feedback!

      Surrounding you with beauty *and* abundance is why we do what we do– one way or another, we would love to see you find more delight this season! We have reached out to you directly by email to joyfully provide you with a coupon for a free packet of seed. Please feel free to read our Satisfaction Guarantee and email should you wish to reach out any time in the future. Thanks for growing with us!

      And p.s.! Friends, while we are on the subject, for anyone reading who may be finding similar challenges, we invite you to check out Petra’s Sowing and Growing series video and guide on Peppers, including our fertilizer practices here at Fruition for abundant harvests!

  2. Stefanie (verified owner)

    I’m a sucker for variegated veggies so these peppers caught my eye. The plants are healthy and beautiful and the fruits are so sweet and flavorful when fully ripe! A beautiful little snacking pepper!

  3. Kelsey (verified owner)

    I wish I could add a picture to this review because the plants are stunning. Oddly enough, the plant I have in a pot is doing much better than the ones I have in the ground. I will likely continue growing these in pots on the future. I wish the description said these plants make mini peppers, because I was expecting a bell pepper size. The description does say “sweet snack” but doesn’t mention the size at full maturity. The peppers are very sweet once they turn orange, almost having a sweet syrup like flavor. My plant is loaded with about 15 peppers right now and they are all ripening to orange. It keeps producing in the heat of summer as well so it performs well and sets fruit even in temps in the upper 80s and 90s. My only dislike is the peppers tend to get a little softer and wrinkled in the heat, but I feel it may be an issue on my part with watering and the way the peppers might be getting a little too much direct light. Will definitely grow again. The variegation of the leaves and stripes on the peppers is just stunning! I might try Interplanting them with flowers in pots next year. Edible and gorgeous.

  4. Jaye

    Gorgeous plant! Grew to 18″ tall. The peppers are approx 1″ diameter by less than 3″ long. Delicious. Sadly most were enjoyed by little 4-footed critters.

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Organic Collage | Between the Lines Sweet Pepper

Planting Method: Transplant Only

When to sow:  8-10 weeks before last frost

Seed Depth:  1/4 inch    Days to Germination: 7-10 at 85°F

Sowing and seedling care: Sow indoors 2 seeds per soil block & thin to strongest 1. 80F heat mats will germinate seeds best; after germ, set to 70F days & 60F nights. Good light is essential: Younger, less stressed seedlings are healthier and more abundant than older, more stressed seedlings.

Move to 3-4” pots with first true leaves. Harden off (reduce water & temp 3-7 days) & transplant when night temps are above 50F. Pluck off any flowers at planting.

When to transplant: After last frost

Transplant Spacing:  12-18 inches    Sun Needs: Full

Days to Harvest: 60 days to “green”, 80 days to ripe fruit

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