Fire Cider Live Demo & Parsley: Bioregional Herbalism 2021

Hooray for fire cider!

Here are the key ingredients & the recipe bends & shifts with seasons & regions, so don’t worry if you don’t have everything:

~ raw apple cider vinegar

~ onion

~ garlic (once chopped, let rest about 15 minutes)

~ hot peppers

~ ginger

~ horseradish

~ citrus (we use rosehips!)

~ rosemary, parsley, sage

~ any other food-as-medicine herb you lean into to increase circulation + boost immunity 

~ honey (optional)

~ a large jar

~ wax paper and jar lid

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Chop all ingredients (any size is marvelous!) and tuck into a large jar, covering with raw apple cider vinegar once garlic has been chopped about 15 minutes.

Cover jar with wax paper to prevent the vinegar from corroding your lid, if it is metal!

Shake your infusion once each day for ~4 weeks and then strain. We often cover the ingredients in vinegar a second time, blending this round so it is a puree.

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We enjoy fire cider as both food and medicine, savoring it in salad dressings, tea (instead of a squeeze of lemon!) as well as dropped under our tongues. Experiment! Explore! Play! This is what healing looks (and tastes!) like! And share your fire cider with all your beloveds!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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& the whole Fruition crew

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