Organic Arugula

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8 days to harvest microgreens 21 days to harvest for baby greens 40 days to harvest for braising greens Eruca sativa

We hardly have a salad without her rich, nutty succulence! Overwintered with only row cover in the Finger Lakes, this Organic Arugula has been selected for nearly a decade for significant cold hardiness, abundant and vigorous spring regrowth as well as mild flavor and disease resistance. Under hoops and floating row cover, we easily enjoying this mix throughout the winter when sown in September. Enjoy every bite!

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1 review for Organic Arugula

  1. mckel67 (verified owner)

    Great hearty argulula. Ate all winter long under 1 ft of snow and down to -10F. Will buy year after year!

    • Heather

      YESS!! Cheers to you and your arugula! Thanks for sharing and don’t be shy :)-Heather & The Fruition Crew

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Organic Arugula

Planting Method: Direct Seed or Transplant

To Direct Sow: Early spring, as soon as soil can be worked, sow 20-30 seeds per foot for baby greens, or 3 seeds per foot thinned to 2 for full size. Keep moist to slow bolting. Sow every 2-3 weeks until 1 month before frost for continual supply.

For Transplanting: Sow indoors early spring, 2 seeds per cell and thin to 1; harden off and transplant 2-3 week seedlings.

Seed Depth: 1/8 inch         Days to Germination: 3 days at 75°F (24°C); 10 days at 45°(7°C)

Sun Needs: Full

Spacing (after thinning/transplanting): for full size, 6-10 inches; rows 12 inches apart

Days to Harvest: 8 days to microgreen; 21 days to baby leaves; 40 days to full harvest

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