Fruition’s Floating Row Cover

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83” wide choose 20' or 50' long choose Heavy or Regular weight

Floating row cover is easy to use and invaluably versatile. Recommended to pair with easy-to-use spring steel hoops, securing the edges with sandbags rather than soil or stones helps extend the life of your row cover. Use row cover to:

~increase the heat units beneath it in any season. Extend your season in spring and fall, moderating temperatures & increasing the growth of anything underneath for weeks of additional fresh herbs and greens. In cool summers we cover peppers, sweet potatoes (and other crops that don’t need to cross-pollinate) to significantly boost our harvest.

~ brilliantly exclude insects. We use floating row cover over all our cucurbits (cucumbers, zucchini, winter squash, melons) to protect from Cucumber Beetles until they flower. Without the beetles eating the plants and diseases being vectored by the wounds, all these crops are much more healthy and thus productive.

~ create the ideal warm, humid environment to germinate many root crops! Simply place floating row cover over freshly sown beds of carrots, beets & parsnips, watering the fabric when it gets dry, allowing the cover to provide great germination conditions (so they outcompete the weeds!) with impressive quickness.

The Heavy weight is perfect for overwintering crops while the regular weight is great for germinating seeds in early spring and excluding pests!

Size Price Quantity# Availability
83in x 20ft - Regular weight $17.50 In stock
83in x 50ft - Regular weight $24.50 In stock
83in x 20ft - Heavy weight $19 In stock
83in x 50ft - Heavy weight $26 In stock

1 review for Fruition’s Floating Row Cover

  1. Carrie (verified owner)

    This is my first row cover and I love it. It has been in and out of the garden and raised beds for a year now. It has been very durable. It has been wadded up, dragged across the gravel, left out in the sun, hailed on, blown away, and my dog has peed on it and it barely looks used except for a couple of tears.

    • Melissa Knox

      Hi Carrie, We are so glad to hear this row cover has served you well. Thanks for being a part of the Fruition Community!

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