Simple & Successful Succession Sowing

4 x 6 postcard succession sowing
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Set You Up For Success!

✦ Sowing seeds well-adapted to your region make all the difference, especially if you grow in short seasons. We share over 400 varieties of vegetables, flowers & herbs here, hope to see you on the farm one day! 

✦ Don't skimp on fertility! A little compost goes a long way, as does our organic slow-release granular fertilizer feeding both your soil & your plants both in soil as well as containers. Fish emulsion instantly improves plant health, abundance & nutrient-density, your plants will instantly know the difference .

✦ Ideal for easy season extension, pest insect exclusion & increasing carrot germination, hoops floating row cover make are great tools for succession sowing in all seasons.

✦ Container gardening is so rewarding and here are the containers we love, as well as these fabric raised beds!

✦ We keep track of all our planting, transplanting, foliar feeding, harvesting and so much more in our Across the Seasons Perpetual Calendar

✦ Our favorite Japanese Hand Hoe is our go-to tool to keep weeds manageable in all seasons : )

planting calendar with seeds

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