Fruition’s Spring Steel Wire Hoops

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64" long Bundles of 20

We use spring steel wire hoops under floating row cover to increase abundance in every season at Fruition Seeds. We are still using the hoops we purchased in 2012 and we will for many years to come, they are built to last! Whether it’s greens all winter, cucurbits late spring, peppers in summer or lettuce in the fall, we are constantly grateful to have this easy and versatile tool last years and years in our toolbox.

Each 64” hoop, made of .120 gauge steel, will easily arch to cover a 26” bed and be 12” to 14” high at the center. They are exceptionally user-friendly: simply push one end down into the soil and then the other. They lift just as easily. When spaced every 5 to 8 feet, your hoops lift your floating row cover with ease.

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20pc Bundle


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2 reviews for Fruition’s Spring Steel Wire Hoops

  1. kypittore (verified owner)

    Hot dog-mini-greenhouses in seconds! Sturdy, flexible, easy to install. Ordering a second batch.

    • Melissa Knox

      So glad they are working out for you!

  2. Carrie (verified owner)

    These exceeded my expectations! They are sturdy and take up very little room in the garden or in storing. Mine have been outdoors all of last year and over winter and are still covering plants on cold nights. They look and function like they are brand new. This plus row cover has held up so much better for me in windy Utah than a plastic greenhouse I tried over my raised beds. They will help provide some shade later this summer to a few crops as well. They are so easy to work around and move if needed. I would definitely buy again if I need more, but I suspect these will last forever.

    • Melissa Knox

      Hi Carrie, Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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