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Seeds to Direct Sow in March


Here are the seeds you can sow directly in your garden now, if your snow has melted ✨

And did you hear?

Fruition’s Seed Starting Academy is now free, because gardening is how we ground ourselves, especially in chaotic times ⭐️

Join Fruition’s Seed Starting Academy here!

Abundant gardens nourish so much more than our bodies and we are honored to share everything we’ve learned with you in 5+ hours of fun and informative video tutorials ?

Normally $98, our Seed Starting Academy we are now sharing for free, because we love you ♥️

Also, here is our humbling story of how we came to realize the devastation of COVID-19, up close and personal, and how we committed to looking in the mirror long and hard. Hint: it’s harrowing! And I hope to hear more of your story one day, too ??????

In the meantime, enjoy Fruition’s Seed Starting Academy, Friends.

We’re all in this together ☀️

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs in Social Solidarity,


I just learned the re-frame of ‘social distancing’ to ‘social solidarity’ and I’m such a fan: We’re practicing physical distancing for our greater social solidarity ❤️

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