Organic Ginger

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110 days to maturity 8-10 plants per pound Zingiber officinale

Ginger will ship in March as weather allows.

Grow ginger right in your backyard, even in a container, even in short seasons!

Freshly dug baby ginger is lusciously sweet and melts in your mouth, unlike anything you’ll ever find in a store. Even it’s leaves smell of ginger, which we dry and steep as tea all winter long. Growing ginger is remarkably fun though far from foolproof and we’re here to help all season long, hop in to our free online course Grow Your Own Ginger & Turmeric, to set you up for success.

Two of the most common mistakes is not starting ginger early enough and not feeding her enough. Ginger is likely the hungriest plant in your garden! A heat mat makes all the difference for quick & vigorous growth; our organic ginger & turmeric fertilizer is an ideal blend to inspire abundant rhizome development. You’ll find these in Fruition’s Ultimate Grow Your Own Ginger Collection here.

You’ll receive certified organic ginger rhizomes ready to sprout, fresh from our friend’s farm in Hawaii. We find large ‘hands’ of ginger are more prone to breaking in the mail. Before shipping (especially for our one and two pound size offerings), we often cut large hands into 2” to 3” seed pieces with at least 2 to 3 good growth buds/eyes. We recommend this size of ginger seed piece for best planting results. We have specific video tutorials in our Course and Sowing & Growing Ginger webinar so you can cut your own ginger, if you choose, with confidence.

One pound of ginger “seed” grows an average of 8 to 10 plants.

Ginger Does not ship to Canada or outside the lower 48.

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How to Grow Organic Ginger: Just a Taste!

Growing ginger is remarkably fun though far from foolproof and Friends, we’re here to help all season long. Our Grow Your Own Ginger course offers even more insight on how to amplify your ginger abundance. Enjoy!

Prepare: Rhizomes for planting are trimmed into pieces sized 2-3 inches, with at least 2 to 3 good growth buds/eyes. (Make sure you procure rhizomes from an organic source so they haven’t been sprayed with compounds that may inhibit them from sprouting.)

Sprout: At least 4 weeks before last frost, plant inside, barely submerged in soil in a tray. You can plant earlier if you have great grow-lights or excellent southern sun exposure. If you’re receiving rhizomes in the mail, plant ginger as soon as you receive it (and if you need to store it any amount of time, store it in a warm place, not in the fridge!). Heat mats make all the difference by raising soil temperature about 15 degrees above ambient room temperature, sustaining your ginger’s optimal growth in tropical warmth. Without a heat mat, your ginger may take months to sprout. During sprouting, water ever so slightly – err on the side of too dry rather than too wet.

Transplant: Once soil is at least 55 degrees F, transplant. It’s great to use hoops and row cover to increase warmth if you have them. 

Plant care: Side dress and “hill” your ginger 2-3 times across the growing season. To maximize rhizome growth, make sure you use an abundance of even fertility (in other words, not too high in nitrogen) like our Organic Ginger Fertilizer Blend.

Harvest: Lift plants as late as you can and at least 4 months after transplanting. If you’d like to harvest the leaves for tea, harvest before first frost. You can harvest the rhizomes as late as just *after* first frost.

Storage: Leave soil on and put fresh rhizomes in a closed plastic bag in the fridge to store for about ~1 month. Or, wash them and put them in a closed plastic bag with a moist paper towel in the fridge to store for ~2 weeks. You can freeze it in a plastic bag and grate it all winter long.

Learn more: Visit our free online course, Grow Your Own Ginger for more insight on how to amplify your ginger abundance. Enjoy!

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