Grow Your Own Ginger

Video Update: Friends, if you’ve ordered glorious ginger from Fruition, expect to receive rhizomes ready to sprout, fresh from our friend’s farm in Hawaii. As we’ve gained experience both growing organic ginger and sharing it with all of you, we find large ‘hands’ of ginger are more prone to breaking in the mail so before shipping (especially for our one and two pound size offerings), we often cut large hands into 2” to 3” seed pieces with at least 2 to 3 good growth buds/eyes. We recommend this size of ginger seed piece for best planting results.

Set Yourself Up for Success!

Here is everything we use to grow gorgeous ginger each season:

Seed Quality Ginger: The organic ginger we share is simply the best we’ve ever seen! Also, our Ultimate Ginger Collection includes a heat mat, organic ginger and Ginger fertilizer.

Heat Mats are essential for ginger to sprout quickly & vigorously. We use them for microgreens all winter, sprouting ginger in late winter and starting all other seeds in spring. They make all the difference.

Full-Spectrum LED Lights with Light Stand are an investment you’ll wish you’d made years ago, once you see how impressively happy your plants grow. Ours are made in Indiana by our friend Victor and I’m pretty confident we’ll have ours the rest of our lives.

Nutrient-dense potting mix is key for sprouting ginger. We share the dreamy ready-to-go organic potting mix we use at Fruition as well as our DIY Potting Mix minerals, an easy & economical way to make 80 quarts of nutrient-rich potting mix at home.

Fertility: Our organic ginger fertilizer is exactly what ginger needs for robust health and impressive rhizome development. We also foliar feed with dilute fish emulsion every week. We keep track of all our planting, foliar feeding, harvesting and so much more in our Across the Seasons Perpetual Calendar, as well. 

✦ Especially in cool seasons, we keep our ginger and turmeric (and peanuts!) toasty with floating row cover over spring steel hoops. They create an easy and inexpensive greenhouse that holds more heat than you might suspect.

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You Can Grow Your Own Ginger!

Harvesting your own homegrown baby ginger is one of the best feelings in the world! And we love sharing what we love with people we love. Here’s a tiny behind-the-scenes taste of how we share our ginger with you: