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Behind the Scenes: Sharing Fruition’s Organic Ginger

We love sharing what we love with people we love, especially our organic ginger!

In 2020, our dear Friend Trevor of Larkin & Trevor Photography stopped by the farm, in the middle of a snow storm, as we were packing hundreds of ginger orders to tuck in the mail with the  warm up just a few days away. He has such a wonderful laugh and the warmth of his being is so beautifully woven into his photos and videos as well as his beer, more on their new brewery to come! 

And Friends, if you’re considering planting ginger this season, here is a little tip that makes all the difference:

There is food-grade ginger and there is seed-grade ginger!

Let’s break it down…

You can totally plant grocery store ginger like I did once when I was little. It grew as well as my avocado pits, which is to say: it was super fun and I learned a LOT! I never came close to harvesting an avocado or ginger worth mentioning beyond the cautionary tale.

Now I know that the ginger in grocery stores is food-grade ginger rather than seed-grade ginger. 

Think of garlic: We can plant any garlic we find at the grocery store, but if you’ve grown garlic, you know the most abundant harvest comes from the largest and healthiest seed-grade bulbs you can find. What we reap is what we sow. In our gardens and in our lives. Ginger is no exception. 

Side-note: Conventional ginger is typically sprayed with chemicals that prevent it from sprouting, extending its shelf-life. Organic ginger has not been sprayed, huzzah, but it will sprout weeks if not months after seed-grade ginger, because it’s often much older, more dry and overall less alive. 

And Friends, this is just the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg of what we’re sharing in our free hour-long Sowing & Growing Ginger Webinar! With hands-on demos, I’m detailing how to cut and sprout your ginger rhizomes as well as what to expect as you plant, feed and hill your ginger over the summer as well as harvest. 

Even if you can’t join us live on Friday, March 10th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm eastern, we share the instant replay with everyone who registers, so don’t be shy, join us here!

And for all the details to surround yourself with ginger abundance, enjoy our free online Grow Your Own Ginger Masterclass with step-by-step video tutorials to set you up for success. Join us here!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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