Sowing & Growing Series: Ginger

Video Update: Friends, as we’ve gained experience both growing organic ginger and sharing it with all of you, we’ve learned that ginger seed planting pieces sized 2-3”, with at least 2-3 good growth buds/eyes are quite sound & successful. While our videos reflect our skill & knowledge at a certain moment in time, we’ve since adjusted our ginger sales & shipping to accommodate this ginger seed standard.

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Surround Yourself with

Ginger Abundance!

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Organic Ginger

We share our ginger as well as hundreds of other regionally adapted vegetables, flowers & herbs for short seasons. When people ask us if we have kids, we say, ‘Yes! And great-great-great grandchildren! That grow us more than we grow them!’ We’re honored to share them with you!

Heat Mats

Optimum sprouting temperature for ginger is 85 to 90 F, so heat mats make all the difference! Even on a heat mat, ginger may take 2 to 4 weeks to sprout; not on a heat mat, ginger often takes 2 months or more to sprout.

Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Unless you have a greenhouse, your ginger seedlings will be stressed for light, alas. We enjoy our LED lights, made in the USA by our friend Vic in Indiana, to grow microgreens all winter as well as seedlings in early spring!

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Organic Compost & Fertilizer

Ginger is likely the hungriest plant in your garden, so don’t skimp on fertility! In addition to compost and other soil-building organic fertilizers, for years Matthew has been tweaking our organic amendments specifically for ginger (she loves calcium!) & we’re honored to share our organic ginger fertilizer with you. Encouraging robust root development, it’s glorious for carrots, beets and other delectable roots, tubers & rhizomes, as well.

Organic Potting Mix

Nutrient-dense, compost-based potting mix is important for all seedlings & especially those started earliest, like peppers & onions. We share our go-to potting mix ready to go for you (!) as well as our DIY potting mix minerals so you can make 80 quarts of your own potting mix economically.

Across the Seasons Perpetual Calendar

Friends! We made you a 40-page calendar to help plan, record & celebrate the happenings in your garden. A perpetual calendar, Across the Season shares dates but not days of the week, making it relevant beyond a single calendar year. You’ll find growing charts at the beginning plus garden tips with each month to surround you with abundance, as well as a section specifically for you to take notes by crop. 

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Happy Planting!

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