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2023 Fruition’s Fruit & Nut Tree Weekends at Garden Store!

Come visit the farm for Fruition’s Garden Store in spring, Friends! On weekends in April and May between 10 & 2, we share organic seeds, gorgeous transplants, scoop-your-own compost and everything you need to fill your garden with abundance. We also share hands-on workshops, free u-pick daffodils (bring a vase!) and, if you’re dreaming of fruit for generations to come, don’t miss Fruition’s

2023 Fruit & Nut Tree Weekends

~ April 29th & 30th + May 6th & 7th between 10am to 2pm ~

You’ll find deliciously disease-resistant heirloom apples and pears, pawpaws, northern hardy cherries, peaches, plums, chestnuts, walnuts, mulberries and grapes as well as hands-on tree workshops each of those days, stay tuned and hooray! All our bare-root fruit and nut trees are first-come, first-served, so come early. Look for pricing, rootstock & deeper details by mid-February! We love to share what we love & look so forward to sharing our abundance with you ~

Here’s a sneak peek:


Smokehouse Heirloom Semi-Dwarf Apple

Named for the beloved seedling tree growing alongside the smokehouse of William Gibbons in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Smokehouse has been a beloved & deliciously disease-resistant apple since the early 1800s.

800 x 400 smokehouse apple

Chestnut Edible Heirloom Semi-Dwarf Crabapple

So tart and so sweet, don’t let ‘crabapple’ dissuade you, Friends! If you love tart apples like Crispin and and bright apples like Honeycrisp, you’ll love Chestnut beyond words, just like us. And they’re such a delightful size! Large for a crabapple and small for a classic apple, the abundance of tennis ball-sized fruit on each branch is astonishing, thanks to their impressive disease resistance.

800 x 400 chestnut crab apple

Roxbury Russet Heirloom Semi-Dwarf Apple

Yummmm! If you’ve not ventured into Russet apples before, you’re in for a treat. Don’t let the status quo of red, polished skin deceive you, Friends: Russets like Roxbury are nuanced with a depth of flavor unmatched in classic apples. Plus, the ‘russeting’ of the skin significantly decreases pest insect pressure. If you love flavor and appreciate the unusual, Roxbury Russet will nourish you well beyond calories.

800 x 400 roxbury russet

Wealthy Heirloom Semi-Dwarf Apple

Super juicy with a luscious sweet-tart balance, Wealthy is perfect for fresh eating and baking. Peter Gideon crossed two cold-hardy apples he loved in 1868 and named the subsequent marvel in honor of his wife, Wealthy Gideon.

800 x 400 wealthy apple

Rhode Island Greening Heirloom Semi-Dwarf Apple

Looking for early apples and love to bake? There’s no finer apple we’ve found than Rhode Island Greening, hailing all the way back to the 1650s.

800 x 400 rhode island greening

Adam’s Pearmain Heirloom Semi-Dwarf Apple

An old-fashioned late dessert apple, Adams’ Pearmain was one of the most popular varieties in Victorian England where ‘pearmain’ was simply code for ‘great apple.’ If you appreciate floral sweetness and depth, you will adore Adam’s Pearmain for years to come. And, they’re beautiful!

800 x 400 adam pearmain apple

Reine de Reinette Heirloom Semi-Dwarf Apple

~ Photo Coming Soon ~
Lusciously sweet and so fun to eat! The Slow Food Ark of Taste celebrates these dainty dessert apples, so uniquely shaped and exquisitely abundant. This is a must-have for heirloom orchards and their intrinsic disease resistance is a dream, as well.


Precious Heirloom Apricot

Hardy to Zone 5, we’re blown away by the earliness and resilience of these luscious apricots each summer.

800 x 400 apricot


BlackGold Sweet Cherry

Ohhhhh these cherries! Ripening in late June and early July, their juicy sweetness is everything we love about summer. Released from Cornell in 1975, BlackGold is hardy to Zone 5, blooms late to thwart frost and resists many common cherry diseases, as well. (This quart of fresh-picked BlackGold cherries did not last long, you’re right!)

800 x 400 cherry tree 1

WhiteGold Sweet Cherry

Imagine bright tropical sweetness paired with rich cherry: We’ve never tasted such a luscious cherry! Ripening in late June and early July, their juicy abundance is heaven on earth. Released from Cornell in 1975, WhiteGold is hardy to Zone 5, blooms late to thwart frost and resists many common cherry diseases, as well.

800 x 400 cherry tree

Jubileum Tart Cherry

We love tart cherries as well as sweet and Jubileum is the best of both worlds! We love to munch these warm from the branches as well as baked into pies. So juicy, so rich and also so abundant, thanks to their impressive disease resistance.


Catawba Heirloom Grape

~ Photo Coming Soon ~

Niagara Heirloom Grape 

Mars Seedless Grape

800 x 400 niagara grape 1

Somerset Seedless Grape


American Chestnut 

800 x 400 chestnut

Chinese Chestnut

800 x 400 chestnut 1

English Walnut

800 x 400 walnut 1

Finger Lakes Hazelnut

800 x 400 hazelnut 1


800 x 400 pawpaw

Northern Hardy Peach

Finger Lakes Super Hardy Peach

800 x 400 peach 3

Blushingstar White Flesh Peach

800 x 400 peach 1

Contender Peach


Blake’s Pride European Pear

Buttery and aromatic, we love the juicy sweetness, deliciously resistant to fireblight. Similar in size to Bartlett and ripening a week or two later, Blake’s will keep at room temp for a week or so and grow even sweeter.

Seckel Heirloom European Pear

The Pear by which all other pears are measured, Seckel pears are also called Sugar Pears. They’re also one of the easiest pears to grow thanks to their impressive spectrum of disease resistance, including moderate resistance to fireblight. It’s no surprise that Blake’s Pride Shenandoah have Seckel in their ‘pear’-entage! Seckel pears are exquisitely small, tucking right into your palm before they melt in your mouth, lusciously sweet.

Shenandoah European Pear

Large and luscious, Shenandoah is becoming famous for its rich, aromatic sweetness with hints of clove and lime. As disease-resistant as it is delicious, Shenandoah is named for the river which was named for Oneida chief Skenandoa, Like Bartlett though much larger and ripening about one week later, harvest Shenandoah when the light green skin blushes 10% to 25% red; let rest 5 to 14 days at room temp to let their remarkable flavor & buttery texture to fully develop.

Harrow Sweet European Pear

Ohhhh so sweet, this is our friend David’s favorite pear: “They’re just so buttery and the flavor can’t be beat!” Developed in the 1960s at the Agricultural research station in Harrow, Ontario, this pear blushed red when ripening a few weeks after Bartlett.

800 x 400 harrow pear 1

Harrow Delight European Pear

With a similar flavor profile to Harrow Sweet, Harrow Delight ripens one month earlier.

800 x 400 harrow pear


Black Ice Hybrid Plum

800 x 400 plum 5

Satsuma Heirloom Japanese Plum

800 x 400 plum 3

NY 9 European Plum

800 x 400 plum

Potomac European Plum

800 x 400 plum 6

Red Mulberry

800 x 400 mulberry

May the seeds & trees we plant surround us all with the abundance we dream of!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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with the care of the Fruition Crew

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  1. on the initial email for this post you mention FIGS
    but I don’t see them listed on this webpage…
    Will you be offering fig Trees?

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      we will have figs during tree weekend at the farm. The last weekend and first weekend of May 2023.

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