Elderberry Potted Plant

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Hardy to Zone 4 Mature Height 8-14 feet No Staking Required Self-Pollinating Sambucus canadensis & nigra

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One of the easiest fruits to grow, Elderberry is deep, delicious medicine both as flower and fruit. Quickly growing 10+ tall, elderberries are phenomenal habitat for beneficial birds and pollinators. We see elderberries thriving in diverse soils and sun, tolerating more moisture than many other shrubs. We share three unique cultivars: ‘Marge’ hails from Europe sharing larger, sweeter and more medicinal than average fruit on second year wood. ‘Scotia’ is often 12+ feet with exceptionally large and sweet fruit. ‘York’ is large, prolific and the standard for elderberry production.

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Elderberry Transplant Instructions: Fruition’s Elderberries come potted. Allow your elderberry to root in the pot, keeping it well watered, until July then transplant in its final location.

Elderberry Growing Resources: Here is a guide to producing elderberries commercially in the Northeast that has some core info relevant for growing elderberries at any scale. Enjoy!

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