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Organic Mountaineer Sweet Pepper
Organic Mountaineer Sweet Pepper
Organic Mountaineer Sweet Pepper

If you garden in short seasons, like us in Zone 5 here the Finger Lakes, ripening more than a handful red peppers in a season is a trick. Will Bonsall first shared these seeds with us in June - two months after it’s optimal to start your peppers - but we started some anyhow, just to see how early they truly are. That season we saved seeds of many red peppers, blown away that any matured at all. Start them in April, you’ll likely be filling your freezer with abundance.

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Description Seed Saving Instructions Planting Instructions
Organic Mountaineer Sweet Pepper A long, tapering sweet pepper, Mountaineer is impressively prolific with bright, floral sweetness both in the field and in the kitchen. Each plant is short and stout, fully focused on fruit rather than foliage. Will Bonsall, thanks for sharing with the world yet another marvel from Khadigar!

Friends, when Will Bonsall speaks, we pay attention. When he gives us seeds, we pay close attention. If you haven’t seen
“Seed: The Untold Story,” do yourself the favor and you’ll get to know Will well! If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, don’t dally. His recent book, “Will Bonsall’s Essential Guide to Radical, Self-Reliant Gardening,” is a joy as well as genius. Sharing varieties that Will has developed to thrive in Maine is one of the greatest honors we have here at Fruition. His other marvel is Gardener’s Sweetheart tomato. He also is the source of our heirloom Ziar’s Breadseed poppy, as well.

Grow Like a Pro: With precious few exceptions, peppers are green before turning their final color of seed maturity. Mountaineer will surround you with abundant green peppers which will quickly turn red as their seeds ripen. Enjoy our tutorial below!

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53 days to green fruit, 68 to red fruit

Capsicum annuum

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