Organic Red Rezan Hardneck Garlic


Sow in fall to harvest the following June | Allium sativum


Organic Red Rezan Hardneck Garlic is our go-to for pesto with well-rounded garlic flavor and strong aromatic warmth both raw and cooked. We love Red Rezan for its rich depth and heat.


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Organic Red Rezan Garlic

Sow in fall to harvest the following June | Allium sativum


A hardneck collected by Klaus Pistrick in 1986 from Rezan, Russia just southeast of Moscow, this ‘Purple Stripe’ variety is beloved for well-rounded garlic flavor and strong aromatic warmth both raw and cooked. We love Organic Red Rezan Hardneck Garlic for the rich depth and heat it brings our pesto. Its ultra-smooth wrappers are glazed purple and silver. Each clove is silver with a blush of purple at its base. Beloved for a well-rounded garlic flavor with very little heat raw or cooked. Each bulb has 8-12 easy-to-peel cloves that will store 7-8 months. Average 6-10 cloves per bulb.

“Purple Stripe” varieties are the oldest of all garlic, closest to the origins of the species. They are a hardneck, sending up spiraling, edible scapes in June that may flower in addition to producing bulbils. Their flavors as a group are strong, complex and richly garlicky without being overly sulfurous though they lack the sweetness of the Rocamboles.

Several of our favorite varieties are Purple Stripe and we prefer them for roasting, especially. Purple Stripes are named for their vivid purple skins that often stripe deeper purple and their 6-10 cloves are arranged in a single layer around the scape (though very large bulbs may form a second layer). Because their skins are more tightly attached than Rocambole types, Purple Stripes store longer and become easier to peel the longer they store. Also, garlic is one of the hungriest crops in your garden! We feed our soil as well as our garlic with our Organic Garlic & Shallot Fertilizer as well as our Fish & Kelp Emulsion.

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Organic Red Rezan Garlic (Hardneck)


Choose well-drained soil that has plenty of sun and plenty of compost worked in. Between October 1st and October 30th, plant individual cloves 2-3 inches deep and 6 inches apart in a row. Rows should be 6-10 inches apart depending on bed spacing and cultivation tools. If you have mulch available it will aid in reducing frost-heaving. Keep garlic well-watered and well-weeded! Feel free to harvest the delicious, spiraling scape that will appear in early June on the hardneck varieties. Harvest your bulbs beginning the first or second week of July up until mid-August with a fork or shovel once a third of the leaves are brown and dry. Cure garlic (leaves and all) out of the direct sunlight for two weeks with plenty of good air flow, clipping the necks and roots to store long-term in a dark, dry place.
Softnecks: when harvesting we like to cut the stem of the plant as close to the garlic bulb to encourage uniform drying.
Worm castings: We have recently begun to use a small handful of worm castings on top of each clove when we seed in the fall. The health and size of the garlic plants has dramatically improved- give it a try!
Late planting? As long as you can get into the garden and the ground is not frozen the garlic will do just fine. We have planted digging through the snow when we got behind and had no other choice. You might not like being out there then, but the garlic does not seem to mind.

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