Growing Garlic & Shallots Organically

Let’s Grow Garlic Together!

Oh so satisfying & far from fool-proof, we’ve been growing organic garlic & shallots for decades and here are decades of learning distilled into dozens of video tutorials to surround you with garlic abundance in all seasons. We’ll dig into:
  • the pros and cons of different garlic and shallot types, plus how to choose the right varieties for you
  • best practices for soil preparation, fertility, planting, cultivation & harvest throughout the seasons
  • tips for growing garlic and shallots in raised beds as well as containers
  • detailed harvest, curing and storage techniques so you can savor your abundance long after harvest
  • easy solutions to common mistakes so you can grow with confidence

Whether you’ve grown garlic for years or are only just beginning, I’m confident we’ll grow glorious garlic together! Let’s dig in…

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Welcome to Growing Gorgeous Garlic 9 Topics
And Don’t Forget the Shallots :) 8 Topics
For the Winter: Storing Garlic 4 Topics
In the Spring: Cultivation 5 Topics
In the Summer: Harvest 5 Topics
In the Summer: Curing Garlic 5 Topics
Where We Go From Here 1 Topic
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