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On Garlic, Resilient Communities & Organic Certification

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In our resilient, complex and ever changing world, nothing is black and white. Shades of gray become rainbows! As we welcome the extraordinary seed garlic of two beloved friends and phenomenal farmers, we’d love to share a little more about why and look forward to sharing their abundance with us all.

Here at Fruition Seeds, we certify our nearly 20 acres organic each season. We love that certifying organic supports legislation and public education around more sustainable agricultural practices as well as confirms, for people that don’t know us personally, that we are walking the walk of building soil for future generations and so much more.

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All of our seeds are certified organic, grown both on Fruition’s farm and by a network of skilled growers.

Much of our seed garlic is grown here at Fruition and is certified organic. We also source gorgeous seed garlic from two dear friends, Heron Breen and Ed Fraser, who have been growing garlic for decades as they build soil and community around them. Though their land is not technically certified organic, their practices are profoundly regenerative and are making possible the future we all dream of.

Heron Breen has farmed in Maine for decades, sharing with us the unique as well as delectable bulbs of Lorz and Bogatyr:

800 x 400 heron apple tree

Ed Fraser has farmed in Churchville, New York for decades and has a network of garlic farmers who are ‘Certified Naturally Grown.’ Think of this the peer-reviewed version of Certified Organic, where fellow farmers review his practices rather than a third party. Ed shares with us gorgeous bulbs of Music, German White and Chesnok Red:

800 x 400 ed

We are so grateful to share the incredible garlic grown by these phenomenal farmers with you! As we imagine a world where we are all more interconnected, accountable and caring, we honor the significance of organic certification as well as building trusted relationships and networks that move us beyond third party certifications.

Thanks for growing alongside us in all the ways, Friends!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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& the whole Fruition Crew

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As we share the garlic we love with people we love, we are grateful for this poem:

Plenty & Enough


the garlic seed

is multiplying

Yesterday we planted one


there will be many.


is the dream this world 

is made from

Not too much for any one

But plenty 

and enough for all.

~ digger ~

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  1. Exploring Fruition Seeds’ blog on garlic, resilient communities, and organics was once sincerely enlightening! The depth of expertise shared right here not only educates but also evokes a deeper connection to sustainable dwelling and neighborhood resilience. Thank you for offering such precious insights and fostering a higher grasp of the interconnectedness of nature and our everyday lives.

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