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Heirloom Rich rose-pink fruits with outstanding flavor! Expect abundant 4-6 oz fruits.
HEIRLOOM A paste tomato with the flavor of a slicer! Long trusses of delicious 2 ounce fruits with remarkable disease resistance. Indeterminate.

HEIRLOOM One of our favorites! Beautiful, huge fruits fade yellow-orange-red from top to bottom with incredible flavor.
HEIRLOOM A gorgeous, delicious and prolific red cherry with notable disease resistance.

HEIRLOOM Fruits are garnet-colored and globe-shaped, abundant and delicious!
HEIRLOOM Imagine a large yellow cherry tomato with fantastic flavor.

HEIRLOOM Phenomenal flavor we selected for non-cracking, thin skin. HEIRLOOM Huge fruits on huge plants, fabulous for both slicing & saucing!