Organic Honey Drop Tomato

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Indeterminate 62 days to harvest Solanum lycopersicum

Love Sungold? Meet Honey Drop!

Fruition’s most popular cherry tomato, Honey Drop has all the rich fruit flavor we love in a gorgeous rainbow of orange, gold and salmon. Abundant and less prone to cracking compared to Sungold, Organic Honey Drop Tomato is open-pollinated as well, so she’s delicious without the bitter intellectual property restrictions and support of multi-national chemical corporations as surrounds Sungold.

After millennia of brilliant indigenous seedkeeping, Organic Honey Drop Tomato is vision of Rachel and Tevis Robertson-Goldberg of Crabapple Farm in the beautiful Massachusetts Berkshires and their tomato-loving children! Plant breeding can be done without lab coats, let it be known! A portion of every packet sold returns to their farm to support their inspiring work, continuing to select delectable, resilient varieties for short seasons.

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9 reviews for Organic Honey Drop Tomato

  1. Joan Huyser-Honig

    “Organic Honey Drop Tomato” is an amazing producer of sweet, orange cherry tomatoes. They germinate and grow well, plus the fruits lasted for at least 10 weeks indoors after I picked them green before a hard frost.

    • Heather (verified owner)

      Thanks SO MUCH for sharing Joan! These are a team favorite for sure!

  2. Anonymous

    I started several of your tomatoes but this one had terrible germination only 2 sprouted not happy

    • Heather (verified owner)

      Thank you for your feedback friend and we are sorry to hear of the poor germination. Please reach out to and I would be happy to send out a replacement packet. Cheers to an abundant season!
      -Heather & The Fruition Team

  3. Shondi Carter (verified owner)

    We grew these on a trellis on a 10 gallon fabric grow bag. It did fantastic!! It produced all summer long and was the last to meet the frost. They rarely made it into the house they were so sweet and tasty. Great texture. We can’t wait to grow them again this year. Ours were a Reddish orange on color.

  4. Lisa Jean-Francois (verified owner)

    I planted this variety for the first time last year. I had great germination with the seeds. The plants grew well, were very healthy and produced well into November until the first frost. The tomatoes were beautiful trusses of yellow 1 1/2 inch round fruits. I will be growing this variety again this year. My husband loved it in his salad.

  5. blackbirdpines (verified owner)

    Very happy – sweet and prolific. Perfect cherry tomato.

  6. Jen O

    This variety is by far our garden’s best producing tomato this year, with literally hundreds of beautiful and sweet orange cherry tomatoes on each plant. Honey Drop doesn’t disappoint! Looking forward to growing it for many years to come.

  7. johnkntran (verified owner)

    Very prolific and disease resistant. Doesn’t crack like the Sungolds. This plant spills over any tomato cage you try so get ready for a tomato bush! To me this wasn’t quite as sweet as a Sungold, but the milder flavor is fine as I tend to get sick of eating buckets of Sungolds and this goes well in salsas, chutneys, soups, etc. A great all-around cherry tomato!

  8. J. Renee White (verified owner)

    Each year I plant oodles of tomato varieties looking for the tomatoes that I can’t do without. I am over the moon for Honey Drop Cherry Tomato. It’s much better tasting than Sun Gold. Out of 41 varieties I planted this year Honey Drop is the one that hit it out of the ball park for me. I take my family through the garden when they’re over to visit and every one of them rave for Honey Drop. This is a “must taste” tomato! You guys should be very proud of this little gem.

  9. aomarchant

    My favorite cherry tomato variety! The seeds germinated 100 percent, plants are healthy, grow fast and strong. I love how it is a “surprise’ as to which color (orange, pink or reddish) each plant will produce. I have grown these the past three years and will continue for years to come!

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Organic Honey Drop Tomato

Planting Method: Transplant Only

When to sow: 6-8 weeks before last frost

Seed Depth: 1/8 inch      Days to Germination: 7-10 at 80°F (27°C)

Sowing and seedling care: Don’t start too early! Sow indoors 2 seeds/cell or soil block, & thin to 1. We recommend sowing on a heat mat at 80°F to emergence, 75°F after. Good light is essential: Younger, less stressed seedlings are healthier and more abundant than older, more stressed seedlings. Pot up to 3-4” pots when first true leaves, submerging 3/4 of the stem below soil.

When to transplant: Harden off & transplant outdoors after frost, again burying stem.

Strong 3′ trellis optional but helpful. Water soil, not leaves. Prune lowest stem “suckers” as they emerge.

Transplant Spacing:  2.5 feet    Sun Needs: Full

Days to Harvest: 62

Height: 5-foot+

Harvest: A scrumptious snack straight off the vine!

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