Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon

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75-80 days to harvest Citrullus lanatus

As a girl in my father’s garden here in the Finger Lakes, I thought watermelons were difficult to grow in our short seasons. On a farm in Maine, I grew and ate my first Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon, it was so easy and it was nothing short of life-changing: Regional adaptation makes all the difference! Though our August Ambrosia is earlier, we love Sugar Baby for her sweet, juicy abundance of eight- to ten-pound perfectly round, deep green melons with rich red fruit.

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Organic August Ambrosia Watermelon

Planting Method: Direct Sow Only

When to sow: Sow 1–2 weeks after last frost when soil is above 70°F

Sowing and seedling care: Sow 3 seeds every 3-4 feet. Thin to 1 plant per group when seedlings are less than 2 inches tall. To harvest even more and earlier melons, grow them under hoops and floating row cover until they flower. This allows them to grow faster while also protecting them from the voracious cucumber beetles transmitting bacterial wilt. Ample water during pollination & fruit set essential.

Seed Depth: 1 inch     Sun Needs: Full

Days to Germination: 4 days at 75°F; 8 days at 60°F

Spacing after thinning: 3-4 feet

Days to Harvest: 80-85

Height: Full 6′ + vine.

Harvest: Harvesting melon is both art and science, and hardly an easy one. If the tendril on the stem opposite the fruit is brown and dry, you likely have a ripe melon. Fruit may be ripe when rind on ground is yellow, too. Split melon? Eat it right away!

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