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See(d) the Change: All You Can Eat Watermelon Party & Community Seed Selection

Saturday, August 19, 2023
noon to 3 pm at Fruition Seeds


Each year we grow hundreds of organic watermelons just for the seeds inside, so join us enjoying the juicy sweet abundance! We’ll tour the farm together at 1 and peek behind the scenes to make selections for many Fruition Original varieties.

All are welcome, so bring your friends and family!

organic heirloom sharlyn melon 800x400 1

Together we’ll sample a lusciously melt-in-your-mouth honeydew-esque melon that defies classification (above). This is the first generation of a unique cross we were inspired to make last year and yes, you’ll be the first to savor them! Together we’ll make selections for which fruits become the next generation, just like our humxn and plant ancestors have for 10,000+ years.

We’ll also taste the next generation of a watermelon we crossed a few years ago, together making selections so they’re early and deliciously disease resistant!

Finally, we’ll select the next generation of Finger Lakes Long Paste Tomato v1 (below). Combining disease-resistance and deliciousness, Finger Lakes Long ripens as a mouth-watering spectrum of San Marzano-style fruits. Some are more plump and others more large, some shoulders are wide and round while others are dainty and tapered.

Finger Lakes Long tomato 800x400 1

We are the Seeds

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

image 7

& the whole Fruition Crew

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