Organic Mermaid’s Tale Cabbage V.1

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65 - 80 days to harvest Brassica oleracea

Delectable diversity: Each head of Mermaid’s Tale, like each of us, is a unique expression of deliciously never-before-seen cabbage! Savor a vivid spectrum of light lime to emerald heads, each leaf veined lilac-lavender to rich burgundy, each one a kaleidoscope of color. “This is simply the most magical cabbage I’ve ever seen,” said Angela. Diversity unfolds as their conical shape may be sharp or subtle with mild, bright flavor and crisp-tender texture. A cross between Kalibos and an early green cone-headed cabbage, Mermaid’s Tale matures quickly though not all at once, ideal for moving beyond the industrial plant expectations of modernity. Mermaid’s Tale v.1 is the third generation of the cross with many, many more to come. For the full story, hop on over to our blog, Cabbage Re-Imagined: Remembering Our Food, Re-Imagining Ourselves.

Mermaid’s Tale part of Fruition’s See(d)ing the Change project, as are are YOU! Together, we are sowing the world we dream of, where deliciousness and diversity are embraced, amplifying the beauty and abundance that is resistance as well as resilience. Learn more here!

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4 reviews for Organic Mermaid’s Tale Cabbage V.1

  1. Janet F (verified owner)

    Love these! Not as pretty as the picture but nice none the less. First time I’ve ever grown cabbage due to cabbage moth but row covers made the difference. Heads aren’t huge, guessing 2 lbs or so but dense and no cracks even with the roller coaster wheaten we had this spring. Will definitely grow again next year.

  2. Monique Skelly (verified owner)

    First year growing these and they are so beautiful. and they are the only cabbage of the three varieties that we are growing to have no bug damage to them.

  3. Misti (verified owner)

    So pretty! I’ve never had any luck growing cabbage before, but these turned out to be sturdy little plants that produced big shimmery purple/green heads with very little tending. None had an ombre effect quite like the photo, but they were pretty enough for the camera, both raw and in sautés and ferments, where the color dulled but was still apparent.

  4. Nadene Patterson (verified owner)

    I’ve grown these for the past two years to sell at our farmers market. They are the best selling cabbage I grow. They are very pretty. Plus not to red and not to green best of both in one.

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Organic Mermaid’s Tale Cabbage v.1

Planting Method: Transplant Recommended

For Transplanting: Sow 2 seeds per cell (thin to one) & transplant at 4 weeks old, 2-3 weeks before last frost. Sow mid-July for fall crop.

To Direct Sow: Sow 3 seeds 12-18 inches apart. Thin to one when 1 inch tall.

Seed Depth: 1/4 inch      Days to Germination: 5 days at 75°F; 7 at 60°F

Sun Needs: Full

Spacing (after thinning/transplanting): 12-18 inches; 18-36 inches between rows

Plant care: Cabbage grows most sweet and tender in cool temps with high fertility. Use row cover in spring to protect from flea beetles.

Days to Harvest: 65-80       Height: 2 feet

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