Organic Queen Sophia Marigold

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60 days to harvest 1' tall Tagetes patula

Queen Sophia is our go-to for companion planting, barely one foot tall and covered in dozens of gorgeous blooms. We tuck Queen Sophia between cabbages, at the ends of beds and along fences for a bright border. She also thrives in containers! You’ll find Queen Sophia throughout our fields attracting butterflies and other beneficial insects among all our vegetables and herbs while her roots exude compounds detracting pesky nematodes.

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2 reviews for Organic Queen Sophia Marigold

  1. Will

    You can’t go wrong with this classic, and I don’t think anyone can look at a marigold and not smile. The plants were dense, bushy, and absolutely loaded with blossoms until a hard freeze finally took them out. Some powdery mildew and spider mite issues, but that’s just how it rolls with marigolds around here.

  2. gwynnek1 (verified owner)

    As above, these thrived in containers next to tomato plants.

    They are easy and rewarding. I just planted some under grow lights on a heat mat on Tuesday (from a pack from ‘22), and by Friday some sprouts were up.

    Each year I plant more because I end up wanting to rob the tomatoes to use these marigolds for floral pots too. They are a long-lasting bright spot in the garden.

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Organic Queen Sophia Marigold

When to sow: Indoors, 4 weeks before last frost (transplant only). Sow 2 seeds per soil block, keeping soil surface moist until emergence, then thin to 1. Transplant to larger containers when true leaves appear. Harden off outside ~5 days and transplant outside when the danger of frost has passed.

Seed depth: 1/4 inch

Days to germination: 4-7 at 75-80F

Full Sun      Transplant spacing: 12 inches

Days to bloom: 60     Height: 1 foot

Harvest: Deadhead for blossoms all season

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