Organic Rainbow Lacinato Kale

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25 days to baby leaf harvest 50 days to full leaf harvest Brassica oleracea

With a rainbow of burgundy, lavender and rose stems on a glossy lacinato leaf, Organic Rainbow Lacinato Kale is truly breathtaking. She’s remarkably cold-hardy, as well! As baby leaves or glorious full-size plants, rainbow lacinato will surround you with abundance in all seasons. Thanks to untold generations of indigenous seedkeepers who have saved kale seeds for millennia and to the visionary farmer & plant breeder Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds for creating this new expression of kale that we love so well!

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Organic Rainbow Lacinato Kale

To Direct Sow: Sow as soon as soil can be worked, and sow throughout the season. For full size leaves, sow 3-4 seeds every 12 inches, thinning to one. For baby leaves, sow 40 seeds per foot in a 2 inch wide band every 3 weeks for continual harvest.

For Transplanting (full size only): Indoors, sow 2 seeds per cell or soil block and thin to 1. Harden off and transplant around last frost, or in early fall.


Seed Depth: 1/8 inch     Sun Needs: Full/Part

Days to Germination: 2 at 70°F (21°C); 10 at 55°F (13°C)

Spacing (after thinning/transplanting): 12 inches; Rows 18 inches apart

Mulch to reduce weed & watering pressure.

Days to Harvest:  8 days to microgreen; 25 baby leaf; 50 full size

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