Organic Grosse Blonde Paresseuse Lettuce

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21 days for baby greens harvest 35 days to open head harvest 50 days to full head harvest Lactuca sativa

HEIRLOOM One day, if you are fortunate, you will visit the gardens of Patrice Fortier in Quebec. His seed company, La Societe des Plantes, is one of the most unique, visionary and absolutely marvelous expressions of art, food, seed and humanity. Your life will never be the same. We had the great fortune of sailing the upper Saint Lawrence to see him and fell in love, among other things, with Organic Grosse Blonde Paresseuse Lettuce. Her translation says it all: Large Lazy Blonde. Indeed, this lusciously massive head of lime-green, melt-in-your-mouth lettuce is impressively bolt-resistant, even in the heat of summer, simply waiting, patiently, for supper.

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2 reviews for Organic Grosse Blonde Paresseuse Lettuce

  1. Jennifer Durren (verified owner)

    I love this lettuce. Easy to grow, made it through most of summer in a part shade spot in 6b! Also, the flavor is impeccable and the leaves are just gorgeous. It is on my “always grow” list.

    • Melissa Knox

      Hi Jennifer, We are so glad to hear you love this variety as much as we do!<3

  2. Julia (verified owner)

    This is a great lettuce. It’s very versatile — happy to grow in heat or cold. The bright green leaves add a nice color to any salad and have a lovely mild flavor. This and flashy troutback are staples in my garden.

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Organic Grosse Blonde Paresseuse Lettuce

Planting Method: Direct Sow or Transplant

To Direct Sow: Sow early spring, 1 inch apart. Enjoy thinnings and leave 12 inches between plants. Ample water grows sweetest lettuce. Sow every 3 weeks for consistent harvest til ~6 weeks before fall frost.

For Transplanting: Sow indoors early spring, 2 seeds per cell or soil block, and thin to 1. Harden off and transplant before/after last frost. Succession plant as above.

Seed Depth: 1/8 inch    Days to Germination: 3 at 75°F; 8 at 60°F

Sun Needs: Full / Part

Spacing: 12 inches; rows 12 inches apart

Days to Harvest: 28 days to baby leaf; 50 to full size

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