Organic Black Beauty Eggplant

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65 days to harvest Solanum melongena

HEIRLOOM Hooray! A classic Italian bell, brilliantly adapted for short seasons!

Grilled, eggplant parmesan, ratatouille: all summer long we lift glistening 1 to 3-pound fruits and swoop into the kitchen. Her satin-smooth skin is a deep, rich purple with a medium thickness ideal for grilling as well as baba ganoush. At her peak delectability, Organic Black Beauty Eggplant becomes glossy. With healthy transplants, ample heat and abundant water, expect 8 to 12 gorgeous fruits per plant.

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Organic Black Beauty Eggplant

Planting Method: Transplant Only

When to sow:  Sow indoors, 6-8 weeks before final frost

Seed Depth: 1/4 inch     Days to Germination: 7-14 at 80°F (26°C)

Sowing and seedling care: We recommend sowing in soil blocks and on heat mats. Good light is essential: Younger, less stressed seedlings are healthier and more abundant than older, more stressed seedlings. Increase pot size as they grow. Eggplants are heavy feeders, so nourish them with nutrient-dense soil as well as fish and kelp emulsion for an abundant harvest.

When to transplant: Harden off and transplant after final frost. Continue fertilizing throughout the season and use row cover to boost performance; remove when they flower.

Transplant Spacing: 18  inches      Sun Needs: Full

Days to Harvest: 65

Height: 2-3  feet

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