Organic Turkish Rocket

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44-55 days to harvest perennial to Zone 4 Bunias orientalis

HEIRLOOM Perennial vegetables, HuzZaH! If you love broccoli raab and rapini, Turkish Rocket is their scrumptiously plentiful perennial cousin that will grace your table for decades to come. Easy to grow & impressively deer as well as rabbit resistant, establish Turkish Rocket where you’d love their deep-rooted resilience to thrive beyond your lifetime. Though we eat them like emerald green hotcakes each spring, some tender florets inevitably miss our munching and grow to become a 3 to 4 foot hedgerow of bright yellow flowers in July, nourishing countless pollinators with habitat as well as nectar. The extensive and deep roots of Turkish Rocket make their deliciousness all the more nutrient dense and allow them to thrive in drought, as well.

Turkish Rocket is easy to grow from seed as well as root divisions. We’re grateful to the fine folx of Edible Acres for sharing their seed with us many years ago! Remarkably, no one we know of has ever experienced any deer, rabbit, insect or disease issues with Turkish Rocket. Once established, Turkish Rocket is a challenge to remove, so sow with intention and revel in beauty, abundance and resilience for generations to come.

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Organic Turkish Rocket

Planting Method: Direct Sow or Transplant

When to sow: Early spring (as soon as soil can be worked) to late summer

Sowing and seedling care:

Direct sow 5 or 6 seeds per foot, at least 1 foot between rows, thinning to 1 foot between plants.

Transplant: As early as 3 weeks before last frost, sow 2 seeds per cell or soil block indoors and thin to 1. Transplant after last frost with1 foot between plants with at least 1 foot between rows.

Seed Depth:  1/4 inch   Sun Needs: Full or part sun.

Days to Germination: 7-11 days at 75 F / 24 C, 20 days at 45 F / 7 C

Spacing after thinning: 12 inches within row; 18-24 inches between rows

Days to Harvest: 45 to 55

Height: 3 to 4 feet in full mid-summer flower

Harvest: Similar to broccoli raab / rapini, harvest tender floret stalks before they open.

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