Sowing & Growing Series: Broccoli

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Broccoli Abundance!

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⭐️ Organic Seeds ⭐️

We share our broccoli seeds  as well as hundreds of other regionally adapted vegetables, flowers & herbs for short seasons. When people ask us if we have kids, we say, ‘Yes! And great-great-great grandchildren! That grow us more than we grow them!’ We’re honored to share them with you!

⭐️ Heat Mats ⭐️

Optimum germination temperature for many vegetables is 77 F, broccoli included. On a heat mat broccoli often germinates within 36 hours! 

⭐️ Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights ⭐️

Unless you have a greenhouse, your broccoli seedlings will be stressed for light, alas. We enjoy our LED lights, made in the USA by our friend Vic in Indiana, to grow microgreens all winter as well as seedlings in early spring!

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⭐️ Seed Starting Collections ⭐️

We share two seed starting collections! One includes a grow light to start those earliest seeds like perennials, peppers & tomatoes and one without a light. The second does not include a grow light & is perfect for growing seedlings up to 4 weeks old, from broccoli to basil to zinnias!

⭐️ Organic Potting Mix ⭐️

Nutrient-dense, compost-based potting mix is important for all seedlings & especially those most hungry like broccoli. We share our go-to potting mix ready to go for you (!) as well as our DIY potting mix minerals so you can make 80 quarts of your own potting mix economically.

⭐️ Organic Compost & Fertilizer⭐️

Well-fed broccoli is so much more abundant! We foliar feed our everything in our gardens all season with our organic Fish & Kelp Emulsion. Also, when we transplant each seedling, we tuck a handful of our organic compost in the hole as well as a dusting of our organic slow-release fertilizer for them to enjoy all season. We also share organic chicken compost crumbles if you’re looking for even more vegetative fertility to gift your garden! 

Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease eBook

Here is our 40-page seed starting book for you, Friends! In our Growing Library, you'll find the free ebook perfect for home printing here and if you'd love a full color, spiral-bound paper copy, our next edition is about to arrive & you'll find this as well as all  here.

Across the Seasons Perpetual Calendar

Friends! We made you a 40-page calendar to help plan, record & celebrate the happenings in your garden. A perpetual calendar, Across the Season shares dates but not days of the week, making it relevant beyond a single calendar year. You’ll find growing charts at the beginning plus garden tips with each month to surround you with abundance, as well as a section specifically for you to take notes by crop. 

Fruition's Seed Starting Academy

to set you up for success, as well. It's free! Because we all need this more than ever! Enjoy every moment & every bite...

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Happy Planting!

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