Organic Evansville Ember Beet

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58-65 days to harvest Beta vulgaris

Friends, if you love beets, brilliant colors, delectable surprises and easter egg hunting, Evansville Ember will delight you all season long! We love the vivid hues swirling in these rich, vigorous beets, perfect to sow from spring til almost fall, with striped and sometimes tie-dyed pigments blushing crimson, peach, lemon, ivory & beyond. Delectable diversity, indeed!

Evansville Ember is easy to grow, thriving in spring, summer and fall, storing well into the winter. We savor them from baby to softball-sized roots throughout the seasons. We are endlessly grateful for the vivid imagination of our dear friend Solveig Hanson who selected this beet alongside dozens of farmers and eaters at Tipi Produce in Evansville, Wisconsin, as she studied beet breeding and flavor with Irwin Goldman at University of Wisconsin, Madison. We’re grateful, too, for the untold generations of both humxn and beet who have co-adapted with each other for millennia.

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes story of this incredible new beet here!

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Organic Evansville Ember Beets

Planting Method: Direct Seed Only

When to sow: From 4 weeks before last frost until 8 weeks before first frost

Sowing and seedling care: Sow 8-10 seeds per foot. For a continuous beet harvest, sow every 2-3 weeks.

Seed Depth: 1/2 inch     Sun Needs: Full preferred (more sun = more abundance)

Days to Germination: 17 days at 55°F; 5 days at 75°F

Spacing after thinning: 3 inches; 12-18 inches between rows

Days to Harvest: 58-65

Harvest… and cook!: A roast beet salad, served cold and with plenty of fresh herbs, is one of our favorite summer snacks!

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