Sowing & Growing Series: Beets

Surround Yourself with
Beet Abundance!

~ We love sharing what we love with people we love ~

⭐️ Organic Seeds ⭐️

We share our beet seeds as well as hundreds of other regionally adapted vegetables, flowers & herbs for short seasons. When people ask us if we have kids, we say, ‘Yes! And great-great-great grandchildren! That grow us more than we grow them!’ We’re honored to share them with you!

⭐️ Organic Compost & Fertilizer⭐️

Well-fed basil is so much more abundant! We foliar feed our everything in our gardens all season with our organic Fish & Kelp Emulsion. Also, when we transplant each seedling, we tuck a handful of our organic compost in the hole as well as a dusting of our organic slow-release fertilizer for them to enjoy all season. We also share organic chicken compost crumbles if you’re looking for even more vegetative fertility to gift your garden! 

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Happy Planting!

~ and thanks for being why we do what we do ~