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You will love your mini soil blocker if you want to start seeds more successfully, optimizing every square inch of your heat mat and full-spectrum LED grow light capacity! Mini-blockers are especially excellent for starting small and slow-to-germinate seeds (so many herbs and flowers) as well as those that crave heat (like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant), so they can cozy up close to your heat mat.

Easy to use, professional growers and novice gardeners alike rhapsodize about their mini-blockers. With the help of our mini-inserts, mini soil blocks brilliantly fit into Large Soil Blocks, making potting-up a dream. If you’re considering both the large and mini soil blocker, check out our Soil Blocker Kit!

Soil blocks make seed starting easier and grow such healthier transplants. We have made soil blocks for nearly 20 years as professional growers and don’t worry, it is straightforward for the novice gardener, as well. Every seed you sow will be grateful for growing in a soil block rather than a cell or pot and here’s why: soil blocks have more soil (and thus nutrients) per volume, so each plant is bigger and healthier in impressively little time. Being constricted by plastic sides causes plants to become root-bound, but plants in soil blocks are surrounded instead by air, so the roots naturally “prune’ themselves and never become root-bound, dramatically reducing transplant shock. Not to mention, soil blocks are so fun to use and you’re reducing single-use plastics, too!

Tip: It’s tempting to pack your soil into mini-blocks so they won’t fall apart, but too dense they won’t pop out with ease and can break the spring mechanism, so be gentle as you explore and don’t force your mini-blocks to pop out. See the videos below, visit our How to Not Break Mini-Blockers blog & make sure your potting mix is more moist than you may think necessary to help your soil blocks form fully. Warm water is more comfortable than cold for you & seeds about to germinate!

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If you’re a visual learner like so many of us (myself, included!), hop on over to our Soil Blocks in 5 Easy Steps blog for step-by-step written and video tutorials. Here’s the super short version:

It is marvelously simple to make your soil blocks!

First, thoroughly moisten your potting pix (this is our mix we use at Fruition, ideal for soil blocks) with warm water (it’s so much more pleasant than cold water) and push your block maker into the mix several times, turning back and forth, until blocks are full of soil. (We often use our fingers to make sure there are no air gaps, especially at the top of each block.)

Lift the soil blocker and set into a tray, squeezing the handle to release your four gorgeous soil blocks.

Each block has a perfect little dimple in the top, ready to be sown with seed…and if your blocks are not gorgeous (and they won’t be the very first time!), it’s easy enough to start over with a smile.

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