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How to Not Break Mini Soil Blockers!

Friends, though large soil blockers are nearly indestructible (hooray!) and mini soil blockers are not (sigh), you’ll still enjoy your mini-blocker for years with these tips.

Keys for Not Breaking Mini-Blocks

~ If you’re pressing really hard for your mini blocks to release, pause. Rather than forcing the release, remove the potting mix (dunking your mini-blocker in water is the easiest way to remove the mix without force) and take a peek.

~ Most often the mini-blocks aren’t releasing because a) the potting mix is too compressed or b) a small stick or stone in your potting mix has lodged between the plastic base and the metal that pops each block out. Stay vigilant!

~ Either way, it’s a delicate balance: pressing your potting mix into each compartment of your blocker is key, yet if if you compress the potting mix too much, the metal sides will pop out of the plastic base. And if it’s a stick or stone lodged between the plastic base and the metal, the metal can easily bend.

You Got This!

We absolutely love mini-blockers for cozying peppers, oregano and so many small, heat-loving seeds right up close on the heat mat! With a little practice and lot of attention, you’ll enjoy your mini-blocker for years to come, too ~

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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& the whole Fruition crew

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