Organic Yellow Tithonia | Mexican Sunflower

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5-7 feet tall 76-84 days to bloom Tithonia rotundifolia

HEIRLOOM If you love yellow, easy-to-grow flowers and have a thing for pollinators (we do, too!), Yellow Tithonia is a delight for us all. Native to Turtle Island (sometimes called North America), Tithonia are quite massive with dozens upon dozens of 3″ bright canary blooms borne on long stalks, though they’re not a fabulous cut flower since they bend so quite easily. Also called ‘Mexican Sunflower,’ Tithonia grow wide as well as tall, while most sunflowers simply grow tall. They’re truly a universe unto themselves with seeds so easy to ‘save’ (who saves who?!!) and we hope that you do! And our collective great-great-great grandchildren, too ~

And Friends! If your resident rodentia nibble all your sunflower sprouts relentlessly, grow Tithonia, whose seeds and sprouts are much less delectable to mammals of all sizes. Hooray!

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Organic Yellow Tithonia | Mexican Sunflower

When to sow (Direct Seed recommended): After final frost, sow every 8″ and thin to one every ~2′. Any (even poor) soil is suitable. To Transplant, sow indoors 2-3 weeks before last frost. Harden off 5 days and transplant after frost.

Seed Depth: barely cover (light required to germinate)
Full Sun      Days to Germination: 7-14 days
Plant spacing after thinning: 2 feet
Days to Flower: 76-84      Height: 5-7 feet

Harvest: Tithonia’s hollow stems are sadly not ideal for cutting, but if you must, harvest flowers when 90% open for bouquets.

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