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What Would You Name This Sunflower, Friends?

800 x 400 sunflower 1

What would you name this sunflower, Friends?

Shout it out in the comments and don’t be shy!

~ we look so forward to sharing both the name and the seeds with us all so soon ~

We love each (delectable!) trumpeting ray petal, so gloriously different than any other sunflower we’ve ever seen…

…and an ocean of thanks to Lisa Bloodnick for tucking a few seeds into our hands this spring! These seeds came to her from Rick Rickman who was gifted seed from Jean-Luc in France who received a few seeds from the vivacious gardens of Wildred Funke in Germany, who noticed something a little different growing in his garden…

…and, as we consider names, we’d love to find a way to honor the many hands and hearts who have grown alongside spectacular sunflower, including the countless generations of indigenous brilliance who know sunflower as family here on Turtle Island. 

800 x 400 sunflower 2

And Friends, we’d also love to name the complex and beautifully fraught fact of naming plants in our time:

On the one hand, Robin Wall Kimmerer observes, “names are the way we humans build relationship, not only with each other but with the living world.” 

We also see how naming can objectify and commodify beings — seeds, included — in capitalist systems.

Thank you for growing with us as we learn to see systems of oppression interwoven in everything and commit ourselves to loving, accountable relationship with kin across kingdoms as we sow the seeds of worlds transforming.

800 x 400 sunflower 4

Imagine the countless generations of sunflower and humxn co-adapting together across the seasons…

…and Friends, let’s join them.

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

image 7

& the whole Fruition crew



We love you!

800 x 400 sunflower 3

115 thoughts on “What Would You Name This Sunflower, Friends?

  1. looks like sunflower ‘B-Friendly’.

    1. Sunburst!

    2. Pollenfield

    3. Trumpet Gold
      Golden Abundance

    4. Solar Smile

    5. I would call you sunflower Fringe of Gold.

    6. Frutilla Gold

    7. Solar Flair (Flare) … get it ?

    8. Solar Frills

    9. Big mouth!
      Big face

  2. What would I call this Sunflower…Bird food. Yup, bird food. We go through about 400 lbs a year of sunflower seeds. All birds and our four legged creatures love sunflower seeds. So, again, bird food.

    1. Sun Kiss—it looks like it’s kidding the sun.

      1. Ed: kissing the sun, not kidding 🙄

  3. I think you got it….TRUMPET! Golden and tubular.

  4. “Trumpet sunflower” came to my mind due to the unusual tubular petals. I did a search on this name and came across a fun video of a trumpeter playing “Sunflower” which is fun to see and hear as the music is displayed as they play. Enjoy!

  5. I’d name it ‘Ruffles’. (Great photo, btw).

  6. Magnifico. That is what I would call that Sunflower . I will be interested to know the name you choose for this variety thanks for posting.

  7. Something astronomical! Sunburst, Starburst, Nova, Supernova… explosion of yellow….
    or maybe the opposite, Mellow Yellow ( a nod to the 60’s 🙂

    1. Oooo… Sunburst – yes!

    2. First thought I had was Sunburst

  8. Totally Tubular
    Cheddar Penne
    Fiber Optic
    Funke’s Funky Flower
    Golden Flute

    1. cheddar penne and totally tubular!!! 🙂

  9. This reminds me of a pin cushion- a Giant Golden Pincushion!

    1. I like this! It is a Giant pincushion!
      A Giant Golden Pincushion!

  10. Scarecrow Sunflower 🌻

    1. this is what I was going to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Hi Judy!

  11. You could give it some origin and call it Jean-Luc .

  12. The Glory of Van Gogh … sunflower

  13. At first glance I connected this wide flat golden disc with a bright shining tuba. Then upon seeing that the rays are tubular, I definitely would name this beauty Tuba!

  14. Bee-Loved

  15. Big eye or eye of sauron

  16. The common name of this Sunflower, in my opinion, might be called ‘Guilded Trumpet’. It is very showy and shimmers in the sunlight🌼🌻

    1. do you mean Gilded?

  17. Would “Peace Pipe” be respectful ? Do the Haudenosaunee include the smoking of a PeacePipe in their origin story of the Confederation?
    This sunflower’s tubular petals make me think of a pipe or flute.

  18. I would call this sunflower “Sunny.”

  19. Turtle fringe…
    Turtle traveler…
    Family Fringe..

  20. The ‘Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy’ Sunflower. : – )

  21. Love this very different sunflower ! The first thing that came to mind when seeing your request for a name was “On the Fringe”

  22. It’s like the sun in the sky so I’m thinking SUNSHINE

  23. Rays of Hope

  24. Happy teeth

    1. heh heh!!!

  25. Starshine <3

  26. Tubular Winds
    or maybe Tubular Yellow Sun

  27. Rays of Hope

  28. The first name that popped in my head is “Sun Ray”. Hooray for sun ray!

  29. “Glory Be!” seems appropriate. It is lovely on this gray day!

  30. How about “Jewel Sunflower “(they look like Jewel weed) or
    “Honeysuckle Sunflower”, as I think the little trumpet petals resemble the Honeysuckle.

  31. Solar Flare!

  32. Brush of Light

  33. Do you remember the end of Horton Hears a Who? “a person’s a person no matter how small” and the people of Whoville at the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas – the ray petals make me think of little people in a circle holding hands and singing, which reminds me of a certain Seed-Maker who sends out SINGING EMAILS! So: “Whoville” – and I’m pretty sure there’s no other plant cultivar with that name! I liked reading everyone’s contributions – thanks for a fun beginning to my morning!

  34. Open Sky

  35. “Solar Flare” would be a good name for this spectacular sunflower!

  36. Sounder – because of all of the ‘trumpets’ along its edge!

  37. Petra, it seems that you coined the perfect name at the end of your lovely video: “Don’t Be Shy”. 😉

    Alternatively, in honor of Lisa having shared it with you, maybe “Bumble Lisa” — a playful tribute to the timeless Mona Lisa & the Bumble Bees that are drawn to her her beauty…

  38. Bee Glorious!

  39. Ray of Sunshine

  40. Sounding the Trumpet!

  41. “New Dawn Sunflower”

  42. I suggest ‘Sol’ (after the Roman Sun God) or perhaps ‘Sol Supreme’ (?). From what little I know about her (‘Dulcinea’?), I believe Petra has an appreciation for the “Classics”, hence my choice. HAPPY GARDENING!

  43. It just radiates “Happy”. Let’s call it Happy.

  44. Those ray flowers are so charming! I initially thought of a corny “totally tubular” when seeing them, so that’s my pick.

  45. I like “Shout it Out”

  46. “Lion’s mane sunflower” That name jumped into my head as soon as I saw this sunflower.

  47. It’s Sunshine ☀️

  48. The first name that came to me was “Raggedy Anne” – just because it’s cute and because it looks fuzzy and the petal edges look raggedy 🙂

  49. Solar Flare / Sun Flare

  50. Bullseye

  51. I would call it “Rocket Power” (or just “Rocket” if that hasn’t been used already). Each of those florets look like the flames at the bottom of a rocket as it takes off.

  52. Buzz cut

  53. Sun Blazon

  54. Brass Band !
    Looks like an entire horn section:)

  55. Beautiful! I name this bright face FRINGE!! Gotta love the fringed petals!

  56. Gold Fringe

  57. Sunpunk – it looks like it has a punk rock haircut. 🙂

  58. Solar Flair is what I would name this beautiful flower.

  59. Sunflower Lizzo (for the flute!)
    The Armstrong (for the trumpet! and Louis Armstrong)
    Louis Sunflower (see above)
    Satchmo Sunflower (Mr. Armstrong’s nickname)
    Dizzy Dazzling Sunflower (for Dizzy Gillespie)
    The French Horn Sunflower (to honor the trail you can trace for these seeds, thus far)
    I also like Rays of Hope as named above!

  60. Totally Tubular On The Fringe

  61. Funke Sunshine

    1. Good one!

  62. sun ray
    sun dazed

  63. Outer Limits

  64. SunQueen

  65. Doll Eyes. My mother sewed Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and the sunflower remains me of of their eyes.

  66. King of the Jungle! Looks like a young male lion head 🙂

  67. Dolls Eyes. My mother sewed Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. The sunflower reminded me of their eyes that she sewed on them.

  68. How about…Bee’s Delight

  69. Corona Gold

  70. I really like Gilded Trumpet as someone mentioned above! But…I also had an immediate thought of Honeycomb

  71. Summer of Love

    1. Sunray Bumblelove

  72. Raggedy Ann. As soon as I saw it, my beloved doll came to mind.

  73. Bee Gold!
    Pollinator Paradise!
    Golden Eye

  74. Chimney sweep, or Bottle brush

  75. Funke Bee Brush

  76. Bright Eyes!

  77. my corona

  78. Beeeutiful Morning Sunshine

  79. I think “German Funke” or “Funke German” both pay tribute to both the area and the discoverer.

    They certainly are cool and I’d love to grow them.

  80. Trumpet Sunflower

  81. Radiant Ragdoll

  82. 1. Picadilly
    or variant of such as: Picadilly Fluted; Picadilly Round (like Picadilly Square); Picadilly Gold (like gilded ~ gold);
    Note Picadilly is a variant of pickadil; definition of pickadil: decorative trimming of cutwork that is scalloped, tabbed, or pointed and used as
    an edging on doublets, collars, and other garments of the late 16th and early 17th centuries
    2. Ukrainian Sun or Gold or another word (to represent Ukranian resilience)

  83. Bottle-brush sunflower.. or Bristle-brush sunflower

  84. This sunflower is ADORABLE! I’ve never seen one quite like it. The first thought that came to mind when I saw it was “FRINGE BENEFIT.” But then, after watching the video, I considered “FRAZZLE DAZZLE !”

  85. Rays of Sunshine!

  86. Queen Bee

  87. How about “Yellow Fringe”

  88. Rays of Gold

  89. Rays of Gold

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