Organic Dyer’s Chamomile

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70-78 days to flower 2.5-3.5' tall Perennial to Zone 6 Cota tinctoria

HEIRLOOM  Bright and ebullient, Dyer’s Chamomile easefully surrounds us with an extraordinary abundance of blooms, pollinators and natural dye. A hardy perennial, Dyer’s Chamomile both beautiful and resilient, impressively low maintenance once established. A brilliant range of yellows emerge from both fresh and dry flowers, luminous unto themselves as well over-dyed with indigo. Some plant dyes are more light-fast than others and Dyer’s Chamomile is exceptional in the spectrum of yellows! The deeply serrate, silvery green leaves create vibrant habitat for diverse beneficial insects in addition to the sweet nectar from their blooms.

Note: Dyer’s Chamomile is botanically more related to chrysanthemums rather than Matricaria chamomile, so know their medicinal qualities are more akin to mums before steeping yourself tea.

We’re honored to share these seeds with you and all your diverse pollinators, too!

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Organic Dyer’s Chamomile (Cota tinctoria)

When to sow: 4 weeks before last frost (indoors, Transplant Only)

Sow 2 seeds per cell or soil block (thin to strongest 1), keeping soil surface moist until emergence. When seedlings have true leaves, transplant into larger containers. Harden off (reduce temperature and water 3-5 days) and transplant out after frost.

Seed Depth: barely cover
    Days to Germination: 11 days at 70 F, 21 C; 14 at 65 F, 18 C   Full/Partial Sun 
Plant spacing after transplanting: 12 inches
Days to Harvest: 65     Height: 2-3 feet

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