Organic Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia

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Perennial 70-80 days to blossom 2-3' tall Rudbeckia hirta

NATIVE Luminescent cranberry and pearlescent burgundy with rich chocolate centers, we fell in love with Cherry Brandy instantly, as did Pancho, who loves to nap in their shade! Thriving even in poor soil and drought, Cherry Brandy is prolific in gardens as well as raised beds and containers. With long, strong stems perfect for cutting, each 2 to 3-foot plant blossoms mid-July doesn’t stop til frost, especially when harvested consistently.  Harvest as blossoms open for optimum vase life. The more sun Cherry Brandy receives, the more they’ll blossom.

A tenacious perennial, rudbeckia slowly expands their diameter and blossoms all the more with each year, easy to divide and share with friends over the years!

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Organic Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia

When to sow (Transplant Only): Indoors, 4-6 weeks before final frost (at Fruition we use soil blocks), sow 2 seeds per cell. Mist to avoid covering seeds with displaced soil. Thin to 1 & transplant after danger of frost.

Seed Depth: barely cover (needs like to germinate)
Days to Germination: 8-14 days at 72-68° F
Full Sun       Plant spacing after thinning: 12-18 inches
Days to Bloom: 70-80      Height: 28-32 inches

Harvest: Cut for bouquets just as blossoms open.

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