Fruition Seeds


 #wearefruition, Friends!

Because truly, we are.

We are the hope that sows, that reaps, that composts and comes alive, time after time. Deceptively small, we are the seeds. We transform the world, we begin with ourselves. Always coming to fruition, always seeding the next generation. Our work is never finished and neither is our hope: To plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow. 

We do this, together.

And Friends, so many of you have been sharing photos — of your gardens, your families, your beauty and abundance, your questions and quandaries, of how much you’ve grown — and to celebrate, we’ve made a home for them all:


And can I tell you? 

What’s in a Name

The birth of #wearefruition is so much the story of Fruition. It’s the story of deep love + hard work + resisting convention + a little help from our friends.

Deep Love

We love seeds and the people who sow them past, present and future as well as the people who eat them — and yes, that means us all 🙂

Hard Work

Growing seeds, growing ourselves, growing each other: This is hard work, Friends. And some of the only work that matters. We’re honored to do this work together, always.

Resisting Convention

Our culture is infatuated with the individual. Whether it’s YouTube, iPhones or        , we allow ourselves to be wooed by the illusive power of control with the language of ‘I.’ Our initial hashtag inspirations —  #iamfruition or #thisisfruition — felt empowering and bold yet ego-centric and presumptuous.

These were all I could imagine until Sean lifted a mirror for me.

A Little Help From Our Friends

Sean Roulan, @farmingyogi, has been growing gardens, yoga practice and transforming community for years. He leads Fruition on our yoga mats each week, his wisdom bringing fluidity, strength and softness to every action on the farm throughout the week. He grows food and community in gardens across Geneva, sharing his joy with children of all ages 🙂

“Each person who sows our seeds is Fruition Seeds, so #iamfruition already exists, in a sense,” I shared this week in a conversation about my hashtag quandary with Sean, “but I’m so weary of how so much of entertainment, marketing, education, how everything is so individualist in our culture. How do we move from ‘I’ to ‘we,’ Sean?”

Sean didn’t miss a beat:

“#wearefruition!” he said. 

As simple as that. 

My jaw completely fell off my face.

#wearefruition indeed, Friends.

And so it is 🙂

To celebrate the abundance we sow, cultivate and share, we’d love to send you

one free packet of seed!

To receive your free packet, tag a photo of your abundance with #wearefruition on social media. Then mention the tag in your order notes accompanying any online order before August 1st along with which one of these seeds you’re most inspired to sow, just in time for fall: 

~ watermelon radish

~ dragon carrot

~ chioggia beet

It’s a not-so-small way we can thank you for being a not-so-small part of our Fruition Family 🙂

Thanks again for growing with us across the seasons, Friends…

…here’s to many more!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,



Wondering what else to sow for fall? We made you a planting calendar! Each order receives a paper copy. We’re sowing carrots, beets, broccoli, watermelon radish, dwarf peas, lettuce, kale, chard, arugula, dill and cilantro plus a final succession of basil, to boot 🙂