Organic Calabrese Broccoli

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62 days to harvest 2.5 feet tall Brassica oleracea

Let’s be honest: Harvesting a head of broccoli larger than a grapefruit is quite a feat here in the Northeast. The quick heat of summer is challenging for many varieties to head up consistently, especially among open-pollinated heirloom varieties. We’ve found Organic Calabrese Broccoli to buck the trends, producing a generous head, followed by an abundance of blue-green side-shoots to enjoy well into autumn. Yet another Italian heirloom variety that thrives in the Finger Lakes!

Should you be wondering what the difference is between our two broccoli varieties, here it is: Piracicaba is scrumptious, the sweetest broccoli we’ve ever tasted. Its leaves and stems are as delectable as each floret. Piracicaba, alas, does not produce a ‘head’ of broccoli, growing a multitude of side-shoots all season long. In short, flavor is why we grow Piracicaba. If harvesting a head of broccoli is what you’re after, grow Calabrese. Its flavor is classic, much better than any broccoli to be found in a grocery store because it’s growing in your garden and being harvested moments before supper.

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Organic Calabrese Broccoli

Planting Method: Transplant Only

When to sow:  3-4 weeks before last frost and again in early/mid-July; (Here in the Northeast, broccoli thrives in the warmth of late spring and early fall, struggling in the summer heat.)

Seed Depth: 1/4 inch      Days to Germination: 4 days at 75°F; 7 days at 60°F

Sowing and seedling care: Sow 2 seeds per cell. Use row cover in spring after transplanting to protect from flea beetles.

When to transplant: When seedlings are 3-4 weeks old.

Transplant Spacing:  12-18 inches; 18-36 inches between rows     Sun Needs: Full

Days to Harvest: 62

Height: 2.5 feet

Harvest: After harvesting the single large head, harvest an abundance of blue-green side-shoots to enjoy well into autumn

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