Organic Bronze Fennel

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Perennial 30 days to baby leaf harvest 60 days to full leaf harvest Foeniculum vulgare

HEIRLOOM Not your classic fennel, we adore the sweetness of Bronze Fennel’s golden-green and coppery feather-like leaves, tossing them in salads and marinades as well as in bouquets. A hardy perennial, Organic Bronze Fennel emerges as the snows melt and quickly rises 4 feet or more, covered in fragrant flowers nourishing multitudes of beneficial pollinators from lacewings to ladybugs to butterflies. We dry the leaves and flowers of Bronze Fennel to enjoy all winter as tea, as well.

Organic Bronze Fennel thrives in gardens as well as raised beds and containers, in full sun as well as significant shade. Poor soil, rocky soil? Bronze fennel finds a way with her deep, expansive roots. She produces prolific (not to mention delicious!) seeds that readily germinate, so we grow bronze fennel in our perennial garden and along hedgerows, away from our annual vegetables.

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Organic Bronze Fennel

Planting Method: Transplant Recommended

To Direct Sow: Mid-spring (after frost) through early summer, sow 5 seeds per foot

For Transplanting: Early spring through mid-summer, sow indoors for 4 weeks prior to planting out

Seed Depth:  1/4 inch   Days to Germination: 6-8 at 60-75°F

Sun Needs: Full/Partial

Spacing (after thinning/transplanting): 12-18 inches; rows 18 inches apart

Days to Harvest:   30 for baby leaf; 60 for full leaf   Height: 4-5 feet

Harvest:  Harvest baby leaves, full-size leaves, flowers, or seeds — all are delectable!

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