Organic Winter Squash

The glory of autumn! From delectable delicata to creamy buttercup, from rich hubbard to sweet Honeynut, Fruition shares both the heirlooms of yesterday to heirlooms of tomorrow, each organic seed brilliantly adapted to thrive in our short seasons. Some varieties like Delicata (above!) have delectable skins and are lusciously sweet straight out of the field; other varieties are most flavorful after curing and may store months, even through the following summer, like Sibley. If you struggle with powdery mildew, as so many of us do, enjoy our powdery mildew resistant delicata and Honeynut.

Here in Zone 5, direct sow winter squash seeds once the soil is warm and frost has passed, often late May/early June. Floating row cover will exclude Cucumber beetles from your winter squash, increasing their resilience and thus your abundance; just be sure to remove it as your winter squash begin to flower.