Organic Cucumber

What is summer without cucumbers? One of our favorite vegetables of all time, Fruition’s organic cucumber seeds are selected for early maturity, disease resistance and productivity as well as delectable diversity. You’ll find slicers and picklers as well as compact bush cucumbers ideal for containers, raised beds & small gardens. Beloved heirlooms as well as new heirlooms for future generations, we’re especially fond of Salt and Pepper as well as the fabulous Cucamelon, aka Mouse Melon or Mexican Sour Gherkin. Sow cucumbers directly in your soil after frost, leaving at least 3’ between plants. We sow every three weeks through mid-July for abundant harvest through frost.

 At Fruition Seeds, to help our cucumbers thrive, we tuck floating row cover over hoops to protect from cucumber beetles until they flower, which is the best way to prevent bacterial wilt transmitted by the beetles.