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Organic Aji Dulce (Line 7) Pepper Organic Aji Dulce Pepper

Rich, tropical sweetness abundant in the Northeast!

Organic Applegreen Eggplant Organic Applegreen Eggplant

A short-season, cold-tolerant & delicious eggplant for the Northeast.

Organic Aztec Half Runner Pole Dry Bean Organic Aztec Half Runner Pole Dry Bean

HEIRLOOM Huge creamy beans on short 36 inch vines swell to the size of a small potato when cooked.

Organic Bear Necessities Kale

Hyper-frilled & exceptionally tender, add extraordinary loft & sweetness to salads even in the summer heat.

Organic Beaujolais Spinach Organic Beaujolais Spinach

Brilliant & sweet, our favorite fall spinach.

Organic Black Sesame Organic Black Sesame

HEIRLOOM Delicious, abundant sesame seeds!

Organic Bush Pickle Cucumber Organic Bush Pickle Cucumber

With 24-30 inch vines, Bush Pickle is perfect for small gardens and containers.

Organic Butterflay Spinach Organic Butterflay Spinach

Melt-in-your-mouth, semi-savoy & super cold-hardy.

Organic Chiapas Tomato Organic Chiapas Tomato

HEIRLOOM Abundance, great flavor & astonishing disease resistance.

Organic Chioggia Guardsmark Beet

Easy to grow, as delicious as they are beautiful.

Organic Chocolate Runner Pole Bean Organic Chocolate Runner Pole Dry Bean

HEIRLOOM Each flower is both scarlet & rose, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.

Organic Christmas Lima Pole Bean

HEIRLOOM A gorgeous short-season lima with mild chestnut flavor.

Organic Clemson Spineless 80 Okra Organic Clemson Spineless 80 Okra

Early and productive, even in the Northeast!

Organic Delicata Winter Squash Organic Delicata Winter Squash

Lusciously sweet with tender, edible skin.

Organic Dolloff Dry Pole Bean

HEIRLOOM Exceptionally delicious and abundant even in cool, short seasons.

Organic Dragon Carrot

Our favorite carrot! Magenta skin with a sweet orange core and occassional rings of yellow.

Organic Duborskian Rice

HEIRLOOM Short grain Russian variety, rice with flavor that you can grow in a garden without flooding.

Organic Dwarf Blue Vates Kale

Blue-green curly leaves on compact and sturdy plants.

Organic Early Milan Nantes Carrot

Beloved for sweet, early roots perfect to sow throughout the season.

Organic Flashy Troutback Romaine Lettuce Organic Flashy Troutback Romaine Lettuce

HEIRLOOM Excellent romaine flavor perfect for baby leaves or full heads.

Organic Fordhook Swiss Chard

HEIRLOOM Lustrous green leaves are glossy and slightly savoyed with broad, white and succulent stalks.

Organic Gentilina Lettuce Organic Gentilina Lettuce

HEIRLOOM Bolt resistant & perfect for both baby greens & full heads.

Organic Glass Gem Corn Organic Glass Gem Corn

Transluscent kernals are edible as well as ornamental.

Organic Golden Sesame Organic Golden Sesame

HEIRLOOM Beautiful flowers, abundant sesame seeds!

Organic Goose Egg Eggplant Organic Goose Egg Eggplant

HEIRLOOM Tender and never bitter, prolific in short seasons.

Organic Grosse Blonde Paresseuse Lettuce Organic Grosse Blonde Paresseuse Lettuce

HEIRLOOM Massive, melt-in-your-mouth & bolt-resistant.

Organic Habanada Sweet Snacking Pepper Organic Habanada Sweet Snacking Pepper

The heatless habanero with tropical sweetness. Taste what all the excitement is about!

Organic Haudenosaunee Skunk Dry Pole Bean

HEIRLOOM Selected and saved by the Iroquois centuries before Columbus.

Organic Honeynut Winter Squash Organic Honeynut Winter Squash

Super sweet & creamy mini butternut.

Organic Hulless Oats Organic Hulless Oats

Easy to grow & uniquely free of the tough, inedible hull of common oats.

Our Price: $3.75
Organic Italian Heirloom Tomato Organic Italian Heirloom Tomato

HEIRLOOM Massive, meaty fruits with tolerance of many diseases including Late Blight.

Organic Jamaican Burr Gherkin

Tangy, sweet and crunchy.  Extremely productive, pest, and disease resistant.  

Organic Jimmy Nardello Sweet Pepper

HEIRLOOM Sweet and rich flavor, thin walled up to 10" long. Ripens red quicky even in cooler summers.

Organic Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale

HEIRLOOM Classic & abundant, easy to grow.

Organic Listada di Gandia Eggplant Organic Listada di Gandia Eggplant

Abundant & tender with exceptionally thin skin & gorgeous maroon stripes.

Organic Habanero Pepper Organic Magnum Habanero Pepper

Our hottest pepper, abundant even in cool seasons.

Organic Mayflower Dry Pole Bean

HEIRLOOM Named for the ship that brought it to America in 1620! Celebrated by the Slow Food Ark of Taste.

Organic Mexican Gherkin Cucumber Organic Mexican Gherkin Cucumber

HEIRLOOM Super crunchy 1 inch fruits with a bright tangy flavor & lots of disease resistance.

Organic Mosaic Yard Long Bean Organic Mosaic Yard Long Snap Pole Bean

HEIRLOOM Violet-green 16-20" pods are tender & sweet in stir-fries.

Organic New York Early Onion Organic New York Early Onion

Mild, early & exceptionally long-storing.

Organic Northern Hardy Valencia Peanut

HEIRLOOM Easy to grow & abundant even in short, cool seasons.

Organic Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea Organic Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea

Sweet snow peas perfect for containers.

Organic Padron Frying Pepper

HEIRLOOM Sought after to pan fry as tapas since the 1600's.

Organic Paris Market Carrot

HEIRLOOM Round roots are perfect for rock-laden and clay soils as well as containers.

Organic Patisson Panache Green & Yellow Summer Squash

HEIRLOOM More sweet & nutty than zucchini with a fine, firm texture that we especially love on the grill.

Organic Peacework Pepper Organic Peacework Pepper

Maturing 12+ fruits per plant in the Northeast.

Organic Pink Passion Chard Organic Pink Passion Swiss Chard

Brilliant pink stems & lustrous green leaves bring beauty & abundance from April to December

Organic Pink Tip Snap Pole Bean Organic Pink-Tip Greasy Pole Snap Bean

HEIRLOOM Our favorite snap pole bean with rich, sweet nuttiness.

Organic Piracicaba Broccoli Organic Piracicaba Broccoli

Extraordinary flavor is why we grow Piracicaba.

Organic Purple Heart Dwarf Tomato Organic Purple Heart Dwarf Tomato

A rich, full-flavored slicing tomato, abundant as it is beautiful.

Organic Rainbow Lacinato Kale Organic Rainbow Lacinato Kale

Brilliant burgundy, lavender & rose stems on the classic lacinato leaf.

Organic Rainbow Quinoa Organic Rainbow Quinoa

HEIRLOOM Easy to grow and impressively vigorous.

Organic Rainbow Swiss Chard

HEIRLOOM A vivid mix of crimson, grapefruit, tangerine, gold and silver stems with leaves that range from lime green to dark purple-green.

Organic Rattlesnake Pole Bean Organic Rattlesnake Pole Bean

HEIRLOOM  One of our favorites! Sweeter & tender even when 12 inches long.

Organic Rossa di Milano Onion Organic Rossa di Milano Onion

HEIRLOOM Sweet, long-storing and visually striking.

Organic Scarlet Emperor Pole Bean Organic Scarlet Emperor Runner Pole Bean

HEIRLOOM Hummingbirds love the crimson flowers.

Organic Schronce's Deep Black Peanut

HEIRLOOM Black skinned peanuts that mature in our short Finger Lakes seasons? Who knew!

Organic Seiger Tomato Organic Seiger Tomato

Our favorite early slicer for the Northeast.

Organic Shintokiwa Cucumber Organic Shintokiwa Cucumber

Extraordinary sweetness, crunch & productivity.

Organic Shiraz Beet

The classic red beet but more sweet! We love its roots, greens & disease resistance.

Organic Siber Frill Kale

Cold hardy and vigorous kale with abundant frills that increase with plant maturity.  

Organic Spacemaster 80 Cucumber

With 30 inch vines, Spacemaster is ideal for small gardens and containers.

Organic Success PM Yellow Summer Squash

Smooth-skin yellow summer squash, Powdery Mildew Resistant for abundance all season long.

Organic Sugar Ann Dwarf Snap Pea Organic Sugar Ann Dwarf Snap Pea

The first snap pea we harvest each spring & perfect for containers.

Organic Supermarconi Pole Romano Bean Organic Supermarconi Pole Romano Bean

HEIRLOOM Abundant pods stay tender & crisp even at 6 to 8 inches long.

Organic Tadorna Leek Organic Tadorna Leek

Vigorous & cold hardy, a classic fall leek for Northeast farms and gardens.

Organic Touchstone Gold Beet

More sweet and more tender than red beets with brilliant yellow stems.

Organic Trionfo Violetto Snap Pole Bean

HEIRLOOM Beloved for its nutty flavor and juicy-crisp texture.

Organic Turkey Craw Dry Pole Bean

HEIRLOOM A rare and storied variety recognized in the Slow Food Ark of Taste.

Organic Winter Density Lettuce Organic Winter Density Lettuce

Fruition's staff favorite in 2014! Melt in your mouth with super crunchy midribs.